Why is Indicoin creating Buzz?

Indicoin is a decentralized autonomous cryptocurrency and a social service platform that enables users to use smart contracts to provide social proof to the blockchain community through a decentralized, unbiased and transparent voting process thereby incentivizing and encouraging the user community to undertake more such social tasks. Indicoin is a first ever social platform where people can not only contribute but also validate through any kind of content post anonymously from anywhere, anytime and also earn through it.

Indicoin believes that it isn’t always necessary to cross oceans in order to help someone or a whole society, one can voice his opinion sitting at home. All that matters is that our concern and care turns into an action or a movement towards betterment. Hence with this speculation in our mind, we at Indicoin aspire to provide a broad platform for people from all walks of life, from any part of the world. We pursue to create an online platform where all of us can come together to contribute.

So the question is how?


Well, all you have to do is “share any (kind of Proof) live videos, images, illegal documents leak, E-way bills for which our DApp will provide full anonymity in supporting the real world or communities ecosystem in some or other way.” So all you have to do is do some good around you in making our world a better place and we will guarantee your full anonymity. As the traits of a ‘social worker’ is naturally grained in all of us, so one doesn’t just need to get a University certificate or let’s say work at a refugee camp to be called one. Today with the help of technology’s connectivity, we all can make our concerned voices heard.

The social work encompasses a large array of jobs such as conducting awareness and literacy programs among the underprivileged sections of the society, conflict resolution of any kind and work related but not limited to environmental concerns. Hence Indicoin aims at providing financial benefits to the social workers and furthermore encourage users to help and improve the society as a whole by attaching a monetary value to every kind of work that benefits the society. Upon successful completion of the social work, an autonomous distribution of indicoin is done by the community on the basis of governance and consensus model. The funds provided for social work are to be locked through smart contracts and only be distributed upon the successful verification of the proof of work provided by the user on the indicoin platform.

“According to Survey, 82% of Indians are deprived of basic needs in the country, which are tap water, electricity, and proper sanitation.”

We are coming from a country where a mother has to walk miles for bringing water to their children, where a great mind get unexplored due to the continuous gaze of those eyes over dreamy eyelids in the dim light of a lantern, where rural masses still do not have access to a modern toilet. Illiteracy is still is it’s large.

We are willing to overcome these problems with peoples who really want to contribute to society by doing some good to others. “Every good deed that’s nobly done will be repaid by us.”
Keep in mind these are just a few of test cases that we see in our day to day life. There are a lot of other issues that we will overlook and vanquish with your help and support.

How do we use Blockchain?

It is a platform Independent, self-governing social service DApp for a community of people who really want to contribute to the society. Indicoin aims to use the technology of Blockchain and Smart Contracts to provide meaningful tasks to the user community and linking a monetary value (Indicoin) on these tasks. The Indicoin project recognizes that an extremely ignorant and inconsiderate amount of the human population’s attention which plays a significant role in aggravating the inequalities inherent in our society. By administering an efficient virtual platform that controls the power of digital currencies, blockchain ledgers, IPFS and physical world ethics we are enacting a completely individualistic and autonomic system, acquitted from the political quirks of any nation, that is capable of causing a positive impact on people’s lives by allowing them to undertake tasks related to the welfare and upliftment of the society and also grant eloquent recurring income to all those eager to engage.

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