In my previous piece, I wrote about the reasons for joining Viuly and how I believe that Viuly will make a difference. So I would like to take this opportunity to touch on some of the benefits of our platform — which our competitors do not have.

I honestly believe that Viuly is really here to revolutionize the entire video sharing experience, to take the experience and rewards structure to a new, different level. I believe that Viuly offers a strategic advantage over our competitors; one that will take us into the future of video sharing.

We hope to do this by focusing on three basic solutions that most of our competitors have simply ignored!


I feel that this is one of the main problems we hope to solve and the main point that separates us from our competition. We are creating a truly revolutionary platform that shares all the rewards internally among the network (publishers, viewers and advertisers). All this is achieved through blockchain technology and smart contracts, completing all payments as well as other aspects of the process without the interference of 3rd parties. This is completely contrary to how our competitors’ processes currently work, whereby they are in complete control of every aspect of their platforms and take up to 80% of all the rewards. Little, if anything, is shared with the people within the network who actually make all of this possible.

I am confident that when our platform is activated and network participants are rewarded in real time for their efforts, they will see the process in action (i.e. automatic rewards that cannot be stopped and changed due to the use of smart contracts) and they will be truly amazed. I foresee that the network will start to push the platform themselves because the benefits it offers. We hope that Viuly will create its own community where everyone interacts with each other and duly benefits each other.

The aim is to allow the network to do what they love doing and earn from what they love doing. This will provide many additional benefits, including additional or stand-alone income and innovation within the network and industry.


I see our platform as the world’s first blockchain-based decentralized video sharing platform, one that taps into the exponentially growing global video sharing market worth billions of dollars. The platform rewards the entire network (as described above), but more importantly, it does this while eliminating middlemen and the ability to restrict altogether.

This is important as it will allow the actual network to benefit from a full range of interaction. At the same time, this will assist in taking control and social responsibility adherence away from decision makers and giving it to the decentralized platform: no longer will absolute control be in the hands of the very few (as I believe this is far too much control and not desirable). The implication of this is huge, given that there is a proven trend of viewers already moving from TV to online content and this is backed up by statistics that suggest this pattern is only going to get stronger.

This is the reason why competition is not only needed but is necessary. Market monopolization is not only disadvantageous to the general public and network of involved people, but could even be dangerous for other reasons. Can you imagine the few controlling what can and cannot be watched for their own interests, at the cost of side-lining legitimate videos and issues?

I believe that our platform is that competition and Viuly is what is needed to keep the middle ground. It creates a fairer system which allows the online video sharing space to be conducted in an open, transparent and accountable way. It also requires that the entire network maintains adherence to the common concepts of social responsibility, which should be everyone’s responsibility and not just that of a select few.


I am convinced that our platform will become one of the leading marketing and lead generation tools that businesses the world over (from small, medium and big to large multinationals) will use, given the acknowledgment that online video is the future of content marketing and that video will take content marketing by storm.

I was speaking to a colleague of mine and he asked me: “Five years from now, would you be reading this article or would you be watching it?”. Very interesting if you think about it, don’t you think? It is thought that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic and video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled from the year before. I do actually believe this and have seen this coming; I believe some of the key benefits will be:

Reduced Cost. Advertisers will be able to pay the network (publishers and viewers) directly — no more middlemen taking advantage and significantly increasing cost. Also, this will build a strong relationship within the network where everyone is there for each other and not just looking to exploit each other.

Better Quality. I believe that marketing will definitely be of better quality as it will all be done within the network. Without the need to work with 3rd parties outside the network, the marketing minimizes irregularities. Since there will be no manipulation, alteration or external interference; the marketing will be direct, targeted and fresh.

More Compliant Content. We aim to create a pool or social media environment where people are ready to work with advertisers in a compliant and transparent way through the use of blockchain tech, resulting in data storage that is 100% compliant from day one. The network can either be targeted later or directly targeted based on advertiser needs.

We believe that marketing done this way will be a revolution in its own right and will provide a 360 solution for businesses.


Join us for the (r)evolution of the decentralization of online video:

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-Ruslan Popa, Viuly CEO



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