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Global Jobcoin (GJC) is an ERC20 decentralized token to pay for services related to employment. Using the Ethereum block chain we are creating this token for employers & employees worldwide.

Global Jobcoin will be used on our Job platforms in Switzerland, Germany, Austria & Poland. As we expand our operations worldwide, Global Jobcoin will become the essential choice of payment on all our platforms around the world. We are also partnering with other partner Job boards to offer integration of Global Jobcoin in to their platforms.

Jobstoday is a product of Sunny Look Media LLC, Switzerland. Jobstoday platforms have been completely financed by its founders, Sanket Deshmukh & Lukasz Ochnik, without any venture capital investment.

Our main idea of developing this platform was to help individuals, small & medium businesses afford a platform for finding good talented employees. We have built a profitable business in a short period of time & with the Initial Coin Offering, we want to grow our operations worldwide & give great incentives to our investors.

We are raising funds to expand Jobstoday in many more countries around the world. With the ICO Crowd Sale we can achieve & cover many more marketing & sales channels & win new customers. Our aim is to make Global Jobcoin a preferred crypto currency for employment services worldwide.

For more information on our ICO, please read our white paper on our official website: https://www.globaljobcoin.com/

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