Voters’ beliefs about the democratic process are degenerating, which presents an extraordinary citizenship problem. There is still no globally accepted way to verify 100% accurate electronic voting. On the public side alone, 2017 has witnessed some of the worst democratic crisis of the 21st century. In Venezuela, the President has claimed victory in a “fake” election announcing election results that differ from actual counts. A process that can be independently verified and easily verified, by election management bodies and individually by individual voters, is the only appropriate solution to encourage democratic decision-making toward greater precision, accuracy and accountability.

Mobile transactions are long past the point of global adoption. With nearly 2 billion smartphones in use worldwide, significant and increasingly growing portion of bank payments, payments, spending, and even taxes happen digitally. Dozens of companies and entrepreneurs have been trying to introduce online voting over the past decade, but the number of online polls is lower than traditional voices using traditional methods.

Votem Solutions

Votem positions itself among tech-savvy blockchain entrepreneurs who do not understand the ins and outs of elections and producers of traditional electoral systems that rely heavily on traditional voting methods. The Votem approach is rooted in an in-depth understanding of voter behavior and the demands of election officials and legislators. There are 4 (four) key components of the Votem solution, which can be utilized by the Token VAST Token, which includes:

CastIron Mobile Voting Platform, an application layer that provides Election Management System (EMS) and related functionality to support online selection.
The “Proof of Vote” Protocol provides a detailed method for performing end-to-end verifiable selection using distributed ledger technology.
VAST Token provides role-based access to the CastIron software platform.
Blockchain makes auditable sound recordings that can be validated in real time.

The CastIron voting platform is a blockchain-based selection management system (EMS) that provides application functionality to run elections. Access to CastIron is guaranteed through Token VAST which opens up various Platform features. CastIron is designed to be a single functional application platform that can handle multiple polling styles and global counting methods with support for multilingual and local jurisdiction support. Its extensibility allows VAST Token holders to expand the Platform for languages, local laws, and others as part of the Votem community and ecosystem.

VAST Token

The VAST Token is the appropriate EIP-20 (previously ERC-20) digital token issued by Votem Corp and named in accordance with the four essential elements of the voting system (Verifiability, Accessibility, Security, Transparency). Once tokens are purchased, they can be used for a number of elections, but only for one vote at a time. VAST Tokens will support various role-based validation and functional requirements for different elections as not all elections require the same level of technical complexity or human validation as anyone else. The Votem Platform will require at least 1 (one) VAST Token per vote for processing.

The associated VAST Token and CastIron Platform enables citizens, organizations and governments worldwide to easily manage or participate in online voting with the highest possible levels of verification, accessibility, security and transparency. VAST Tokens and related Platforms improve the effectiveness of voting by ensuring the integrity of the voting process, the secrecy of voter choice, and the validity of selection of the output sector. It combines advanced mobile capabilities and personal blockchain frameworks, with public sidechains for additional verification, using anonymous voter technology schemes and verifiable verifiable evidence, all enabled by Token VAST.


WIDE symbol
Presale opening date 27. Feb 2018
3 days ago
End closing date of term of office 29. Mar 2018
in a month
Concepts The only token that will enable citizens worldwide to easily choose online and from their mobile devices with unprecedented levels of verifiability, accessibility, security and transparency.


Team members
Pete Martin, CEO
Bob Stewart, CTO
Dave Wallick, Director of Testing and Certification
Srini Kandikattu, VP of Engineering
Dr. Kun Peng, Voting Security Architect

Technical Advisor

Emin Gün Sirer, Associate Professor, Cornell University; Co-Director, Initiatives for Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts
Michael Barrett, Former CISO, PayPal; President, FIDO Alliance; CEO, Stealth Security Startup
Steve Babbage, Distinguished Engineer, Security Research Manager and Chief Cryptographer, Vodafone
Peter Haynes, Co-founder, Polyverse; Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council; former Senior Director, Advanced Strategy, Microsoft
Craig Burton, Founder, All Counts; Architect of the E-Voting Protocol
Alex Tapscott, CEO, Northwest Passage Ventures; Blockchain Expert — Author of Blockchain Revolution

Token Sale Advisors
Ian Scarffe, Top 3 Blockchain ICO Expert, ICO Bench. A leading influencer in the Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries
Phillip Nunn, Entrepreneur, CEO and international speaker in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and fintech. Founder / CEO, Blackmore Group. CEO, Wealth Chain
Ryan Scott, serial entrepreneur, humanist and philanthropist. Founding partner and CEO of ICO Advisory Group

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