ValueCash offe a resolution for sellers by implementing the decentralized platform of currency exchange

As of today, there are plenty of various organization, which are introducing the blockchain in their systems and, as a result, they are starting to work with cryptocurrencies. The organization to be discussed provides an opportunity for financial experts to get into the large number of markets that exist today.

ValueCash is a self-regulatory and fully decentralized object of commercial activity, by means of which holders can effect payments for commodities and service activities and produce meanwhile the advanced ValueCash via purchasing. Evolution of ValueCash is intended to bring your own reporting protocol into Commercial Segment and Technology of Blockchain.

ValueCash offe a resolution for sellers by implementing the decentralized platform of currency exchange. Due to the possibility to pay services and get a paycheck on the platform, ValueCash is planning to popularize the environment of trade by charging fees for zero transactions. The other service provided by the platform is the object of ValueCash — Escrow that allows companies to swap their value without any problems and difficulties. Transparent settlement of any disputes in case of conflict is one of the most significant peculiarities of the platform. On the platform, charges for services of Escrow are lower in comparison to other similar platforms.

ValueCash represents a technological process of Open Ledger, which is used mainly for trade, transactions and exchange operations. ValueCash maintains quick responses for software in the Internet, the World Wide Web and device apps. It was established on the following systems: Proof-of-Trade (PoT) and Proof of Stake (PoS). They are some kind of economic measures to prevent attacking like “refusal to provide a service” and other excessive uses of service.

Such issues as a supply shortage, decentralized system and digital currency driven by community make ValueCash platform limited as well as make it possible to earn a significant reward for effective trade transaction. ValueCash will be available both online and offline modes in the cold storage, which is a more secure place to be kept.

What is PoT protocol?

ValueCash contains a certain protocol under heading PoT. “Trading Certificate” is aimed to bring together the essence of commerce and modernization in the decentralized register involving cryptographic approaches for distribution and making changes. PoT protocol is aimed to implement monitoring over the crypto exchange.

ValueCash performing as the digital currency is established with the conception of PoT protocol, which allows to make money while people spending it. On the other hand, there will be a suggestion to perform the activity better using wits. People will expend more their funds and more opportunities to choose will have its form in humanity. It’s a simplification in the field of commerce and transactions.

But how works the platform? Account of trust is determined for every data account of ValueCash of conditional depositing, what allows customers and traders to carry on trade by fair means. The next and already mentioned service provided by ValueCash is ValueCash exchange, which represents a digital market for traders to engage in the trade of different cryptocurrencies. Having low trading charge in the amount of 0.1% on the platform, there is a section of conditional depositing for sellers and clients. In the coming years, they are planning to make a decentralized exchange.

The“Proof of trade” (PoT) awards validators with 10% of new coins of ValueCash to check transactions here. It’s a well-balanced protocol of trading and technology of decentralized register. XVL Token is a choice of payment for various benefits provided on the platform.

ValueCash creation and distribution

For instance, if Mr. A buys a product from Mr. B worth 100 XVL, 10% of the transaction value which is 10 XVL, will be created as new ValueCash coin and will be distributed among the Buyer, Merchant, Affiliate and Security of the ValueCash Blockchain development in the ratio 5:2:1:2 respectively. This implies that buyers get 50% reward each time they patronise a merchant using ValueCash as a payment option, merchants get 20% reward for product or service they offer, affiliates get a lifetime reward of 10% when they are able to introduce merchants to accept ValueCash as a payment option while 20% is for the Security of the ValueCash Blockchain network development.

ValueCash Exchange is a computerized market, where traders have a possibility to carry out sale and purchase transactions through various currencies. It is the online platform, which serves as a facilitator between customers and traders. In comparison with the other broker’s boards, ValueCash Exchange will comprise the section of Escrow too, where both parties, who are willing to take part in their currencies, can do it at their own discretion.

The main aspects are the following:

• Payment for exchange will be paid-up in ValueCash;

• Low commerce charge in the amount of 0.1%;

• Low commission for withdrawal from the account;

• 50% of the commerce fee will be assigned as an invitational benefit;

• 50% will be directed to ValueCash Exchange;

• Decentralized exchange (to use it as exits further)

• Escrow Exchange for paper currency

Initial Coin Offering Details

It was created 18 000 000 tokens of ValueCash, where 12.22% will serve for ICO. 19.44% of the overall number of tokens are intended for the team of experts. 45% of funds will be utilized for branding and marketing of ValueCash, and 30% will be utilized for drawing up the assignments.
  1. 30% of the funds raised will be allocated to development task.
  2. 45% of funds raised will be allocated to Branding and Marketing in order to drive community awareness and grow our community user base. This budget will go towards the creation of marketing resources, both in terms of content and ensuring we have the appropriate human resources to drive our brand via the appropriate channels.
  3. Over and above development and marketing expenditure, 15% of the fund allocation will be incurred in some administrative, legal and other operating expenses which will form part of the usage budget.
  4. 10% will be kept in reserve to cope with any emergency or unexpected situation that might come up.

Project Development Timeline

The team of ValueCash has a 15-year professional practice, which is composed of designers, IT-experts, administrators and cryptocurrency activists. Also, the team of experts has several groups of specialists specializing in improvement, management and consultancy. Environment of ValueCash is developed to enter its Distinct protocol as a crucial element of rising economy of cryptocurrency and market-governing promoter to reform the current standstill of depositing segment, exchange, commerce and blockchain technology generally.

Development Team And Advisors

The ValueCash development team is comprised of group of Developers, IT Consultants, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Cryptocurrency enthusiasts with over 12 years of broad experience across different parts of the world.


This is the Chief Team, on whom huge amount of our budget is invested. There is need for this so that our Team could continually improve and spawn sensational and firm technology worth for ValueCash. It is our great privilege to have a chance to work with the most talented, accomplished, brilliant and leading groups in the Crypto Currency field. We effect to cooperate and try our best to bestow you with the most advanced and innovative services.


The ValueCash Team has chosen to conserve our time on things that are seen not to be approved to be attainable, our conservation has made us choose to work with the most experienced and successful people in the Crypto World, who know what to do to realize financial success with a number of projects and what to do to help others to do so.


A remarkable success requires a long term vision as well as leading management experience, that is one of the reasons why we decide to work with the most experienced and talented managers in technology, marketing, business field.

ValueCah Partners

Furthermore, the company is working closely with partners, what makes it possible to enhance the work, be more productive and provide our clients with the best goods and services.

Investors have already allocated 75 000 dollars and it’s planned to hold soon the ICO for the continued improvement of fund. We will witness another and brand-new revolution with plenty of innovations after ValueCash platform implementation. It’s required only the transparent system for the seller, which will protect interests of the seller on the competitive market. Compared to the other similar platform, it has better services of different categories, which will help to double the growth of the platform.

The most important peculiarities of the platform are zero payment for transaction and low commission for conditional depositing, which will pay attention to clients on the platform. Creation of the platform for reliable commerce for sellers without the fear to be influenced, manipulated or succumbed to domination is the most prominent achievement for any enterprise.


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