Updates on preparations for the Privatix ICO

  1. We continued to register contributors to the whitelist and so far approximately 340 people have expressed a desire to contribute a total of around 17K ETH. At present, the whitelist is still basically an unconfirmed draft — we will be contacting every contributor next week in order to get confirmation and gather more details. What we see for sure is considerable interest in the project, and this is almost without any marketing at all — so just imagine the impact when we finally do some! Whitelist registration available here— https://privatix.io
  2. Privatix took part in the two-day d10e conference in Ukraine, where many people are very interested in what we are doing. We obtained a lot of useful advice, contacts as well as recommendations for service providers, etc.
  3. The Privatix team also attended the 6th Technion Summer School on Cyber and Computer Security in Haifa, Israel on 10 September 2017. I spoke to many people from Israeli blockchain community and got advice from several people who’ve been involved in popular ICOs.
  4. The whitepaper has been translated in 2 more languages. Four more language versions are currently being prepared and will be published shortly.
  5. We’ve partnered with the Israeli company Segasec. They will be preventing phishing attacks and monitoring for scam domains. They have overseen several popular ICO’s and will be ensuring rigorous security for our contributors. Rest assured, any phishing domain that appears will very quickly be taken down with their help.
  6. We’ve also discussed with Hacken blockchain startup the many potential security challenges facing Privatix. In a future partnership, I believe their white hacker community will lend us valuable support in the event of security issues on the Privatix Network.
  7. The first version of the Privatix knowledge base is ready and available athttps://help.privatix.io. It will be updated constantly.
  8. We’ve found certain points in our concept that need to be clarified in our whitepaper and supporting articles. We’ve gathered all these points and suggestions for fixing them in separate Google docs and will set up a close group of reliable advisors, both from within and from outside the community, to provide feedback for possible solutions that will be implemented in an updated version of the whitepaper.
  9. We are still making legal preparations for our ICO. Although our token is obviously a utility token and will not break any security laws, we are awaiting a legal opinion on the matter, which we are expecting within the coming weeks. The pressure of time and unclear regulations in a rapidly changing environment is a challenge for legal advisors already overloaded with the work, but, as the the best ones in their field, we know they will handle it correctly.
  10. Our advisory team recently gained a new member — an experienced IT entrepreneur from Israel who has been running a successful online business for many years. Graduated from the Technion — Israel Institute of Technology, the country’s leading institute of science and technology. His broad knowledge and expertise in the fields of technology — a former CTO — and business (among many others) will provide Privatix with invaluable help with investor relationships, technical issues and business development.
                                                                               d10e Conference — Kiev, Ukraine
                                                                             d10e Conference — Kiev, Ukraine
                                                                   Technion, Haifa, ISRAEL , Vitalik Buterin lecture
                                                                                           Technion, Haifa, ISRAEL

Whitelist registration available here — https://privatix.io

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