Update: Simple Token Hits 100% of Target after 8.5 days, onward to the Kicker, sale ends 1 Dec 2017 or 240M hard cap.

We are proud to announce that Simple Token just hit our target of 100M ST sold in our ICO.

2655 people have purchased Simple Tokens thus far.

We designed the ST sale to reward the community if/when we achieve our targets. Because the Target of 100M ST was hit, all purchasers will now get additional 20% bonus ST tokens.

The next milestone is the Kicker. At 120M ST all purchasers will earn 5% more bonus tokens.

After the kicker, our next milestone, ST Power, is 180M ST, and if hit all purchasers will earn another 5% bonus.

The absolute Hard Cap is 240M. (I’ve been using this analogy in Telegram regarding our community bonuses: You can think of it as if we are running an ice cream shop. Our goal is to sell 100 ice cream cones. But we have 240 to sell. So we decided to give all of our customers discounts in form of extra ice cream as we sell more — so everyone shares in the upside, and to grow the community and get more people involved in the ST project.)

The token sale will end when the Hard Cap is reached or on December 1, 2017.

We also provided all purchasers with an automatic 15% discretionary bonus in light of recent rises in ETH prices. This applies to all existing purchasers and future purchasers.


All bonus tokens will be calculated and distributed within 45 days of the end of the sale.

Our very active Telegram channel has grown to 4394 members. (you can find me and several of our team members there 18 hours per day.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the growing Simple Token community for you support and enthusiasm. We are humbled and inspired by your interest in our mission to help bring the benefits of blockchain to the mainstream.


Live end-to-end demo of the OpenST protocol in action.

Read our docs. And check out our code on Github.

Watch our videos on YouTube.

Endorsed by Gil Penchina “SimpleToken — The full service token foundry”

Endorsed by Mark Bonchek “Why Simple Token will be the Stripe of Branded Currency”

Watch the AMA with @diaryofamademan


We will NEVER send you a private or direct message to share information or click through a link.

The only way to buy Simple Token is while logged in at https://sale.simpletoken.org support: email [email protected]

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