Blockchain enables the exchange of decentralized digital data between peers that can display transaction logbooks and in this process is completely transparent.

Here will use the highly innovative and trustworthy Blockchaintrading platform , with the platform offered will be a market of democratization and storage of money for investors and companies. Reduce and eliminate the extraordinary costs. is a new innovative blockchain trading platform that will disrupt the financial ecosystem and market democracy. In this project has used a peer-to-peer trading system to support trading in multiple assets. And is also the next generation of financial institutions based on blockchain technology that will provide the most trusted security and transparency in transactions. And in asset trading, exchange supports more efficient and safe methods in crypto trading, and in the end will be a trading platform and funding for more crypto assets. It will also be in forex and CFDs, such as precious metals, Oil, Komuditas, indices, and offering more than 120 products when launched.

Investment Meeting of Commercial Banks

  • In traditional investment banking services, the advisors will focus on corporate movements for the Blockchain platform.
  • And in stock trading in for institutions and individuals.
  • Research and Analytics for the Blockchain industry.
  • Loan / credit / margin using cryptocurrency.
  • Fully compliant with compliance regulations, KYC and AML.

Of the many platforms you have to know how paltform works with many roles, goals and functions. And these are some roles like: token trade, profit, security, token trade guarantee and exchange. And in every role there are goals and functions of each that I can not write here. And for more details immediately read the whitepaper on the official website of this project.

In each project must have a clear vision and mission to ensure that the project is a project adhering to some of the vision and mission of the trading platform.

  • Being the leading platform in trading of several financial assets based on Blockchain technology.
  • Become a leading exchange for traditional companies to raise funds from the crypto community.
  • Become a cost-effective platform to facilitate investment banking services by reducing consulting fees.
  • To become the largest pool of trading liquidity consists of token trade holders for the benefit of token trade holders
  • Become the top 5 crypto assets based on market capitalization

Details of ICO Token

  • Total Supply: 275 000 000
  • Decimal: 18
  • Symbol: ITU
  • Chain Block: Etereum ERC-20
  • Duration: 7–25 Nov
  • Token: 200,000
  • tokens sold in PRE-ICO will be sold during ICO
  • Duration: 28 November — 15 December

Token: 75,000

At the end of ICO, all unsold Sales Tokens will be burned. In addition, the percentage of burning will also be adjusted to other allocations except for liquidity pools. And to participate in pre-ICO and ICO you can directly visit the official website below.



20+ years of international business experience with equity banking and investment in deep personal background. Served as CEO, COO, CFO and has served in several public companies. Licenses license Series 7, 24, 63, 79 and 99.

CHIEN LEEAMembers of the Council

Chien Lee is the founder, chairman and CEO of Newcity Capital LLC. Mr. Lee is also the co-owner of Nice FC OGC, the French football club based in Nice. Lee is also a founding member of 7 Days Group Holdings Ltd, one of the leading hotel budget chains in China. Lee is co-owner of The Grand Ho Tram Strip, Vietnam’s largest integrated resort.


FCA Registered business leaders with over 20 years experience in financial management & operations in London. He currently serves as CEO & Executive Director of Primus Capital Markets UK Ltd.


Over 7 years experience in the financial services industry with great interest in the Forex Community focuses on developing strategies for retail and institutional companies

MANMOHAN SINGH Chief of Strategy Officer

Private equity investors and entrepreneurs are involved in various technology companies engaged in fintech. Engaged in various tech startups in the last 15 years, with some success.

WILLIAM HEYN Capital Markets

CEO of a mid-market boutique merchant bank. Licenses license Series 7, 24, 63, 79 and 99. Has held previous investment banking positions in Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley.

CHARLES VOLTRONChief Technology Officer

Blockchain developer with 16 years experience as coder / hacker / maker. Launched 3 businesses successfully during the last decade. Has held the second role of CTO & CEO.

LUKE SZKUDLAREKChief Marketing Officer

Leading the growth-hardening company in Zurich, working with distributed teams to develop and launch new blockchain-based products.

DESIKAN NARASIMHAN Chief Technical Officer

Delivery leader with 20 years of industry experience in designing and implementing innovative solutions. A hand architect with proven ability to translate business needs into an effective technology solution.

RAVI CONDAMOOR Head Office data

Proven competence in identifying and exploiting Data Driven business opportunities in Fintech, Retail, Internet & Healthcare Industries. Big Data Science became a contributing blogger to various organizations.

JOHN VALENTIVP Institutional Sales

Institutional Forex Sales with more than 17 years of experience. Has worked as Vice President of Sales for some Wall Street companies like Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, Nomura Securities and RBC Capital Markets.

Manager of EUGENE VAYNBLATOperations

Over 12 years working experience for FCA & CFTC governing financial institutions, responsible for operating and regulatory issues.

Manager of LORI THODDEFinance

More than 10 years of internal audit, consulting and consulting experience. Engage in cost development initiatives and procedures to increase bottom line growth.

Head of Customer Relations KENDRA HOLMANCO

experienced foreign exchange executives with experience of more than 10 years. Fluent in some aspects of business including sales, support, and trade.



Simon Choi is an international lawyer, eligible for legal practice in England & Wales and Hong Kong. Simon provides in-depth knowledge of international law and as advice on new blockchain regulations in different jurisdictions.

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