The Mobee Platform is Containing the cryptocurrency which will be beneficial for the operators

The world is going to mobile versions, every platform on the world now are trying to work on the virtual program which will be easy for the customers or the users to make communication and do the works virtually. A new project has been established for the people which is the MoBee project that is built for the mobile operating system and this project only works virtually so it can be operate by the Mobile users. the MoBee uses a cryptocurrency for their platform that is the MBE token that is not updated for the customers who are using this services on the mobile devices but in further the total capital is increasing at a higher rate from the subscriber who are subscribing and also the demand of this service is also increasing with an equal rate.

Weaknesses of the operators who are using the platform from the beginning

· The people who are connected to this platform by subscribing to it will miss an opportunity from the hands that is the subscriber cannot create a price for him which he can easily give for the plan that is needed.

· There is a restriction from the operators to the customers that the customer will not be able to use the funds on their subscriber account as a wallet that are used to pay for the goods the customer borrows and the services the customer get.

· There are some opportunities for the operators that is they will be profitable for both the operators and the partners as well but the operators do not use this opportunity

Making Link of the three ideas

There are three new components which individually have three different ideas and the combination of these ideas are linked together because the ideas are about the same topic and also have similar interest in between them. The ideas are the telecoms community expert, mobile operators and the subscribers.

The MoBee platform offers just a simple and absolutely clear project for the operators who are using the project on mobile virtually with using the block chain of Ethereum and also with the MBE token. The platform offers a great financial gains on to both of the subscribers and to the mobile operators.

The development of the block chain of virtual operator advanced technology mainly depends on the three factors. The three factors are relevance, realization and backing. The formation of an operator which is virtual uses a cryptocurrency for all of the internal settlements within ecosystem of MoBee.

Relevance- Telecoms market, with much more specifically the market of mobile communications are covering more than seventy percent of world’s population and it can also be told that more than six billion people on the planet earth have subscribed in the global markets. The platform ensures to solve some problems and makes availability of the block chain development factors.

The platform is going to increase the total number of crypto currency user from several parts of the world and on the other hand, there are selections from the people from several dozens of millions to several billions. The platform is working so that every mobile user can be working as a crypto currency user. The platform also has enabled the switch of mobile subscriber to crypto currency payment systems.

Backing– When the token is being offered then the platform stands between all of the ICO projects where crypto currency is being backed up and it is only supported by logical components. Individual market surges may have any unsuccessful message by media or stakeholders or any kind of negative feedbacks to make the cryptocurrency unstable, which is extremely high, and it is susceptible to a huge volatility.

The Coin which is earned will be transferred into three types of forms they are given above in the figure.

Realization- The operator who are working on the mobile virtual platform is to resell the traffic of other operators. There is an easy and simple solution that is there are some benefits of all the participants such as the subscribers, active operators, an ecosystem which has experts in freelancers and outsourcing companies within the telecom industry.

Motivation of participants

MBE Token holder’s interests

MBE token have a main advantage that is it lies in the real mobile communication services. The platform in additionally provided that there will be different values of discounts for those who have interest in participation in the MoBee project during the ICO.

The benefits of the MBE token holders-

· The token is regularly backed up in daily basis demand of mobile services of the real economy sector.

· In outsourcing telecoms market of Networx platform MBE token is supported in every sector.

· There is a limit for the token, there is not enough token for the user who have been issued after the ICO.

· If the total price exceeds 3 Etherum then there will be an additional discount for the customer who have just bought something.

· When there is an amount in the DiSteam moneybox then there is a possibility to multiply the tokens which have been kept in the subscriber account.

· There will be a list on the stock exchanges that will be needed for converting into other types of cryptocurrencies.

Interest of Networx platform participants

The participants with those the platform is created are given

· The customers those are the mobile operators.

· The market of telecoms outsourcing companies.

· Market of telecoms freelance experts

· Highly professional team of the MoBee project.

The Networx platform have organized and supported the management of the market which is in the telecoms company infrastructure maintenance service. There is an exchange offer for the mobile operators for their voice and for the internet traffic. Economically it is the most important valuable thing for the operator to just pay the bills of the products they have just purchased or used like people bought minutes or megabytes for their smart phones.

When a user receives a service from the Networx platform then the mobile user will have the option to directly cut dramatically their operational and capital expenses which will focus to the liberated funds on the progression of the new services.

Interests of MoBee (Mobile operator)

The MoBee platform are interested in scaling the platforms business and also wants to access to the other territorial wholesale. When this platform makes their investment then the platform will obtain a circulating asset for the organization of extensive marketing and also for the business scaling in general.

The team have a reserved amount of 10% from all of the MBE tokens which are being issued that is the only encouragement for making the launch of trend for the MoBee demand. The team have the flexibility and also have the resource, the first subscriber will be an owner of the cryptocurrency. The project has total solid structure of the foundation for doing the future projects for the integration of the telecoms service with combining both of the BlockChain technologies and ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

All of the dynamics of the market supports this model that have been created by the platform. According to the estimation of J’son and the partners’ consultation this model is developed. From the year 2014 to 2018 the growth of the mobile banking has increased from 6% to 28%, the growth will increase in 2019 to the rest of the time because the total plan is solid and there will be no failure in future.

The Project Economy

Outsourcing of the market services with its overview

The main aim of the project is to build a virtual mobile operator by just using a cryptocurrency for payments. The job of the mobile virtual operator is to make resell of the other operators traffic. The team have just found out a beneficial solution and a simple solution for the participants who are joined with the team. The MoBee virtual operators will always receive the and the traffic of the internet through the platform of Networx which will organize and will manage the market of the infrastructure maintenance of the services in demand in the midst of mobile operators.

Within few years the operators of the mobile in the worldwide have been facing the necessity to revise the value chains of customary and significantly with the true problem of the complete revision of cost structure. The transactions made from the first lead to the last lead has been gradual. At the time of laying the lines by the operators, the physical networks were then considered to be the prime asset and center around the business processes that were built.

At the time of the competition between the operator increases, the total amount of the traffic that were transferred services just started to go down. There was a clear concept that were understood by the telecoms companies that is the “data pipe” concept just can’t fulfill the mark so it should be eliminated. At that time, there was rapid growth of online service providers which was offered to the service the offers were from voice communication to streaming of video contents with musical those were just beyond the operators’ network to the subscribers.

In an average there were more than 140 outsourcing contracts those were executed worldwide and in every quarter. The project is established to save the money of the operator like about 20% so that more operators will want to connect to the project and in adding with that the operator will not have to give much more efforts for doing the work, the effort level is just minimized somewhat lesser than before.

Initial coin offering

MBE Token

The most important thing in the MoBee ecosystem is the MoBee token and this token is used to back up all of the types of operations that were made within the ecosystem. After doing this MBE token has been an integral part of platform and the economy driver. For paying the partner network the MBE token is used and it has been set up. One of the most important goal that has been made by the team is that the user who have no experience of using the MBE token, the users now can pay the mobile services with just using the cryptocurrencies with just knowing nothing about Blockchain technology.

The wealth of experience which is on behind the team, the platform knows what the subscribers wants. Which way to earn the token and how to use of the MBE token in a simple way and in adding of clearing for the ecosystem users. There are one of the main reason for mobile operator that is the communication services. The communication services are just separated in two parts they are

· The provision of data transfer

· Voice service

The team offers a token which can be easy to convert into other types of cryptocurrencies and this is backed up with such of the services as mobile data transfer and voice service.

The sale of the tokens

The platform has a PRE-ICO and ICO parts. The first part is launched on February 15 and the last part is launched on march 22 in 2018.

The issues of MBE:

The main aim of ICO is to raise the funds which is collected for the organization of work of the operator in the Mobee mobile virtual, the funds will all be provided to the services to subscribers at an attractive prices and this will be used to pay with cryptocurrencies. There are part of MBE the parts are divided into 4 the first one is reserving 75% which is the ICO, the 2nd part is reserving 10% which is the Pre-ICO, the 3rd part is reserving 10% which is the Project founders of Mobee and finally the last part contains 5% which is the Bounty programs.

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