SyncFab Platform — How to Join the sale period of the MFG token


SyncFab is a blockchain based platform that has created a peer to peer market for small and medium sized enterprises in the face of the enormous product marketing challenge. SyncFab will provide a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized producers to be well-accessed, so that the goods produced by these producers can be sold based on global market product demand. These small and mid-sized companies will be incorporated into the SynFab peer-to-peer market using the Decentralization App, all manufacturer data will be well stored in the application. making the application aimed at small and medium sized enterprises to become decentralized and supply chain more transparent, efficient, and sustainable. The use of the SynFab app is very easy because it has been supported by the MFG utility token.

To support the implementation of the project, SyncFab has created an MFG token that will be sold in the PreIco and Ico Main Sales period. The PreIco stage has been started on November 15,2017 until February 15, 2018, while for the Ico The main period will be held on February 15, to the end of ico in March 2018


MFG is a token based on Ethereum ERC20 which will be used on the SyncFab platform in the social networking community and is the main token in the community. Every Investor who joins the community, will gain an ever-growing benefit on the number of participants in the system. Token allocation of 1,000,000,000,000 MFG, with a token price of 5000 ETH per 1 MFG. Token distribution has been planned with the following proportions

  1. Token Sale 30%
  2. Partnership Adoption Pool 30%
  3. SyncFab (Tech Development) 15%
  4. Founding Team & Bounty 10%
  5. Smart MFG Tech LTD 15%


The pre-sale stage has begun, and you can join as soon as possible into the SyncFab sales white list and it’s easy to join. The whitelisting process takes just a few moments to complete. Here’s the token purchase registration step:

Step 1. You Must register at and click on the “Join token sale” feature

Step 2. Fill out the Registration form: enter email, password, wallet address and click recaptcha, sale term & privacy policy. last click Continue.

You will be taken to the MFG Token Purchase page, follow the steps to smooth the purchase of the MFG token.

Step 3. You must copy the address of the SyncFab wallet, on the right. This address is for deposit.

Step 4. Send funds from your wallet. You are allowed to use your preferred wallet (Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Exodus, Jaxx, etc.) To send funds to the deposit address listed above. We recommend using MyEtherWallet (Compatible with ERC-20).

Step 5. Verify your transaction. Once your transaction is submitted, you will receive a Transaction Key (TX) which can be checked in to verify whether your transaction is successful. Verification and status checks will take some time to record blocking Ethereal — please be patient.

For a step by step tutorial of this process: Click on this link Here

Step 6. You must complete the KYC Form. To ensure the authenticity of your personal data and prevent money laundering. You will receive an MFG Token after the SynFab Main Sales ends. And click Review, the purchase process ends.

Your verification

To verify that you have successfully added to the whitelist you can ask directly at Telegram SyncFab group. Now you have bought Token MFG at pre-sale stage and in main selling stage (UTC). You’ll love being part of the SyncFab project. For more updates, you can follow the social media below.


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