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PopulTrade is a Platform that allows you to create, join and invest in a variety of business ideas, which will make a thought into a truly real piece of work. By combining all of them in one Platform, then someone who only has a business model but does not have enough funds to start, will be able to realize his business idea through PT groups. PT groups can create this capital because of daily activities, such as purchasing goods, use of services and successful business run. Created capital will be managed jointly by members who gather in these member groups (like you). Environment PT will be able to bring Business Idea previously out of the way until the finished product, depending on the type of investment, and you are incorporated in these groups PT will benefit from the business. All that is in the PT Group, such as the election of leaders, members, allocation of funds and others will be voted democratically by members who are in this PT Group.

Our goal is to realize a technological system that enables individuals or groups to create a business idea idea up to the end product and sell it, with capital accumulation for ideas / business through everyday purchasing activities, ranging from commissions derived from the use of services, business and of revenue derived from ideas / business outside the system. Imagine a world where wealth is not controlled by just a few people, but you and the rest of the Society can participate in millions of Businesses, where profits can be used to raise the standard of living. Imagine a world where you are rewarded for your accomplishment!
With PopulTrade, you can make it happen.

Token Sales, Earn More Profits by joining Us!

In order to reach the Wide Communities and fund this Platform to become even greater, we will release 300 000 000 Tokens that 64 percent will be released at the Crowdsale event. The more contributions, the more your investment, you will be able to get back if you are not satisfied.

here are the details of Token that We will release,

Token Role: Platform payments, purchase of services/articles, investment in the business, discounts, decisions, etc.
 Token supply: 300 million
 distributed in crowdsale: 192 million (64%)
 Initial value: 1 Populcoin (PPC) = 0.1 USD
 Symbol: PCP
 Blockchain: ETH
 Sales period: 04. December 2017–24. December 2017
 Currency received: ETH
 Minimum goal: $ 1,100,000
 Soft seal: $ 8,000,000
 Maximum Cap: $ 19.2 million
 Bonus: 20% — 1%
 Token to be released: 192,000 0,000
 Unsold token policy: Destroyed
 How the funds are held: A multi-sig wallet held by the team council

Bonus Token at Crowdsale event,

PopulCoin allocation,

By taking this opportunity, you will join other users to create a world not only owned by a small number of people.

Our Team


Connect with Us

Website: http://www.popultrade.com/

WhitePaper: https://www.popultrade.com/wp-popultrade.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/popultradeofficialQA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PopulTrade

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PopulTrade-527801574225340

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