PlusCoin — Cryptocurrency Was Based On Blockchain Tech And Integrated In Mobile App DSPlus


DSPlus Mobile app, DS PLUS exists for little more than a year and it already became a strong player in the field of lead-generation and mobile marketing. It encourages people to purchase goods and services from those sellers, who are willing to show loyalty to their customers.We communicate directly with the decision-making people of our partner companies, thus bringing our partnerships to really high levels. But like most of IT businesses, our company depends on people and their interest in our product.

Our current user base of 90 000 active users was achieved built without aggressive marketing, just by us listening to partner’s and user’s feedback and constantly improving our product.Every day our users make transactions with our partners.

On average, the number of users grows by 250 daily. By making a purchase from our partners, our users get a discount and unique bonus points, that they could exchange for various gadgets and other goods during the prize draw. Soon, these bonus points will become a backed cryptocurrency, and our partners and users will be using the same infrastructure.

PlusCoin is the first cryptocurrency that makes things easy for the average consumer. Not only will it be great for customers, but it will be great for enterprises — real businesses which didn’t begin to accept cryptocurrencies until now simply because they didn’t know how.

How PlusCoin Works in 4 Easy Steps

On the client side, PlusCoin is the most convenient cryptocurrency on the market. Here’s how it will work for the typical customer:

  1. Download and run the DS Plus mobile app — Available for free on the App and Play Stores.
  2. Search the map to find DS Plus partner enterprises near you.
  3. Earn rewards in PLC by checking in at partner locations, or by purchasing goods or services via the DS Plus MarketPlace.
  4. Use your rewards to continue making purchases in the MarketPlace.

Why Choose PLUSCOIN?

  1. Their Services Are Decentralized. Pluscoin is decentralized, which means that the user has full control over their money. There are no third parties as is usually the case with other financial institutions. All will have the freedom to send or receive coin just with a touch of a button. The fact that Pluscoin is decentralized means that you will save a significant amount of money that you would otherwise have used to pay intermediaries. It also reduces service delivery time.
  2. Services Right At Your Doorsteps. Pluscoin has made it possible to send and receive money while sitting on the comfort of your couch. Once you download the DSPLUS app, you will be able to access the services of major companies near your locality using the app. In addition to that, you will also get the chance to trade the Pluscoin to get other currencies of your choice.
  3. Ability To Trade And Earn Money. Once you have earned Pluscoin in your account, you can choose to trade it with any other currency of your choice, thus giving you the chance to earn more money. The company has also made it possible for all its members to do instant withdrawals of the money that they have earned.
  4. The Platform Is Easy To Use.The DSPLUS app that the company launched is very easy to use. The registration process is very easy and the user experience is amazing. It will take you a very short period of time to grasp everything contained in the app. The company’s main aim was to create a secure app with great user experience.
  5. The App Is Efficient And Secure.You don’t have to worry that they app will fail at one single point. This is because the company has put a strong structure in place that guarantees stability. The app is also very secure and has ensured that the user’s privacy is protected.


Project team
69 people work for the project, the majority of them are ordinary employees and are engaged in scaling the project; they are responsible for interactions with partners. The main strategic tasks of the project are divided among seven participants. All staff members engaged in management and responsible for the key components of the project are young managers with a vast array of competencies and substantial experience in a diverse range of fields. The chief advisor to the project is the founder and CEO of the Chronobank project, Mr Sergei Sergienko.





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