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Pecunio is a decentralized investment platform with cryptocurrency cards and free digital currency exchange, which can easily save on encryption assets and save money. We are a one-stop shop for average users, high equity investors and angels and venture capitalists who are not familiar with technology.

Because Pecunio also recognizes diversity, we offer professional consulting services that can differentiate start-up block chains by providing tailored business plans to each individual customer. We want to open up an active market of cryptanalysis to all people so that they can not explain the block chain investment and allow everyone to participate in the new economy of the 21st century.

Simplifies investment in ICO, selected capital and embedded funds and selected Crypto currencies to rule out all funds and assets. All major passwords will be exchanged on the platform for free. Pecunio starts an exclusive investment for everyone.

A multi-asset prepaid debit card that allows you to use your tokens for worldwide currency calls. This prepaid debit card payment makes digital currency spending much easier with no local exchange costs. Pecunio allows the removal of cryptococcus with immediate fluidity.

Our expertise in traditional management and hedging management qualifies block chained businesses to successfully deploy their wings. We launch ICO campaigns with special funds, management support, and legal advice. Pecunio shares profits with the token holders.

We have the power back so people can hold hands.

Pecunio’s mission is to open up the active cryptocurrency market to all, encourage the adoption of blockchain, and democratize the ownership of cryptocurrencies. Since Pecunio is harvested by prosperous investors with insightful knowledge of shareholders and insider abstractions of technological innovation, Pecunio is usually involved in novelty because the average person can own, transfer, and invest in encryption technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereal and others. economy.

We believe in the philosophical mission set by Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of the block chain idea, and make the universe safe, accessible and affordable.

Possibility of project

Over the past 30 months, the ICO market has increased from $ 14 million to $ 2.6 billion. Finance and investments are still in short supply due to lack of innovation and decentralization. Pecunio is expected to gain ICO results and further market share through unique business proposals.

The start of a new era of investment began in July 2014 with a very successful ICO Ethereal. Imagine investing $ 2,000 in ETH at the time. Currently, within three years of 2017, $ 2,000 is worth more than $ 1 million. 
The same is true for the “Stratis” block-chain solution. Within 12 months of ICO completion, the token owner doubled its initial investment to 600 times. ICO can double your investment, and if you succeed, it can be your most valuable investment. Targeting and supporting potential top players in this hyper-dynamic market is our business adventure.

The investment in ICO and AC & VC expressed so far utilizes our fund performance compared to a general cryptocurrency investment. Our fund management manages more than $ 250 million in funds based on the deep experience of the hedge fund industry as well as traditional industries.

Pecunio Destruction Crypto Card is a multi-asset, pre-paid debit card that allows token spending in all currency currencies around the world without a replacement. Users can manage their assets through the platform and fill their cards with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Ripple and many other passwords.

All tokens are standard ERC-20 and are based on Ethereal. A secure global decentralization verification network that can be used to block-chain funding. PCO Pecunio figures get results from three sources: cost management, performance and ICO. Pecunio is a true derivative product for token holders who receive a lot of commissions in a short period of time.

The Google platform simplifies access to sometimes cumbersome smart contract processing for users who are not familiar with technology. Proactive customer support contributes to the value of our platform with an easy-to-use interface. Because some of our customer-centric approaches will be a free exchange of encryption, Pecunio becomes a one-stop shop for easy investment.

Another pillar supporting the original status of Pecunio in the market. We value customers because we are not sellers or product-based exchanges. It is also the decision maker that provides proactive management and active customer support.

Why do you need block management costs?

Why block chains?

Blockchain’s chief investor, Facebook co-inventor, Tyler Winklevoss, is a great system that is securely stored and stored with the same basic technology-transparency book as the Internet itself. The concept of a global payment network decentralized at a low cost and at a time of completion has a significant impact throughout the global financial system.

Brochain’s transparency and data integrity can transform industry and industry standards such as logging, logistics, legal, identity management, securities settlement and application development due to the long distance of the financial sector. Additional formation and corporate governance, asset representation, contractual agreements and consensus and related traditional thinking processes can be quickly challenged, interrogated, reviewed, reassigned, relocated by the concept of blockchain, I did.

We are now at the forefront of the wave of enormous innovation. Today, about 80% of banks are developing their own block chain technology. This is one of the main reasons why the world’s largest conglomerates invest and / or apply promising technologies.

The true value of blockchain is that the intermediary is actually useless. Third-party officers who build “trust” between unknown parties can no longer be avoided. Blockchain replaces this agent.

Banking Financial Services is basically a secure warehouse and remittance center. Blockchain booklets with safe, distributed and anti-tampering capabilities handle this function with only a fraction of the cost. A company called “Thought Machine” created a “bank block”. House Clearing and Stockbroker are also on the shooting line for the same reasons. Companies such as Western Union and MoneyGram always overwhelm the money transfer service. However, when you start a block chain, you want to create a competitive scenario by providing faster, cheaper, and more diverse types of fund transfers.

+ Real Estate 
Most people think of a large number of documents, long and long processes and high agent costs when thinking about real estate sales. With a block chain, anyone can set up, track, and transfer land and property certificates, so no intermediaries are required. A company called Ubitquity is now offering this service.

+ Streaming music 
Great streaming music – Well, maybe not a musician. Artists are estimated to lose up to 86% of their music results due to illegal downloads. With Blockchain, artists 
can earn royalties on labels without going through labels. Imogen Heap, Grammy Award winner, has created a block-chain-based streaming platform called MYCELIA, which facilitates this problem with others.

Why fund management?

Although the yearly yields from early 2009 are an impressive bit coin, the reality is that blockchain technology is still in its infancy and nobody knows whether to admit it globally. This will reflect the uncertainty surrounding the future and the volatility of the price of the bit coin’s encryption. When investing in encryption and ICO, there are some risks and investor needs to consider:

+ Regulatory risk 
Perhaps the biggest risk to Bitcoin’s future success, both in terms of currency and investment grade, is regulatory risk. For example, if China decides to ban citizens from holding Bitcoin, the prices of digital currencies will stall. China is the largest market for Bitcoin trading and more than 90% of the trade is done in the People’s Republic of China. Thus, negative regulatory changes have a direct impact on Bitcoin investments in the world.

The same is true for Bitcoin booster hubs, such as the US and UK. If there is an economic ban on Bitcoin, the price will collapse and it will be difficult to recover.

+ ICO Fraud 
Many ICOs / tokens do not justify one of the following reasons: 
Some ICOs are actually fraudulent. Their founders simply mocked the stupid amount of “stupid money” that people threw at the token firing. (“Investors” often miss shipments from Bitcoin and / or Ether, which often do not understand the difference in hidden passwords, especially when they are valuable.) 
Other ICOs are wrong because they are inherently problem-free solutions. – Everyone does not require distributed applications on their own calls. Because of these risks, a significant amount of due diligence is required before purchasing potential ICOs.

There are too many questions for average individuals who work with all the details of a rapidly changing market. Experienced and due diligence is required to cope with this dynamic system. They are the pillars of our performance and policy. Therefore, we choose aggressive fund management to adapt to changing markets. Portfolio diversification also reduces market volatility, fraud and operational risks, while hedge funds provide profitability even in a market downturn.

How does PECUNIO work?

Users register to create accounts on the Pecunio platform by providing their e-mail addresses, user names, and passwords. After verifying via e-mail, a personal wallet is created and automatically redirected to the user dashboard to find an overview of user accounts and private ownership.

Once you have successfully transferred cryptocurrency or phat money to your account, it is now up to you to choose whether to send the user to a cryptographic card or to exchange or even invest in an emergency password on Pecunio’s investment products.

All investors can invest in various types of funds. There are currently three available fund tokens in addition to the Pecunio tokens that are now exchangeable transactions.

The resulting value is distributed to investors by the PCO utility token and returns the cost of ICO, AC and VC, and tokenized encryption funds. We also keep tokens on a regular basis.

Another important feature of the Pecunio platform is the distribution of daily funds. 25% of the investment proceeds will be reinvested through double profits to double the profits to investors. 25% of the proceeds will be paid to the investment adviser in the form of performance costs. 50% of the funds are distributed to the fund holders through the buyback process. In this way, income distribution provides the liquidity of the fund token. Proof of purchase will continue to increase income for the remaining balance that has been burned.

Pecunio’s innovative business model is deeply detailed, but its operational history is short in the young cryptocurrency fund market. Because evaluating future prospects and financial results with absolute accuracy is difficult, we present three possibilities to help you understand the different levers and possible outcomes of the project.


Token Sales Procedure – Project Fund

Asset tokens are marked as smart contracts in the Ethereal block chain. Encoding and tuning is done in Solidity, an advanced programming language similar to JavaScript, targeting Ethereal’s Virtual Ethereum Machine (EVM), the runtime environment for smart contracts.

The Asset Contract PCO collects 2-6% of all funds, as well as performance fees, for annual management costs (between 15% and 30% depending on the supply of funds). The token owner of the PCO can access the asset through the “exchange and get” mechanism.

To fund this project, after the ICO campaign, 40 million Pecunio tokens (PCOs) were issued in total. Total token inventory is 100 million PCO tokens.

Hard facts

+ Pre-registered spectators We can still tokensale the secrets but everyone including us will be invited personally. Lasts for 30 days. 
+ Token PCO is a benchmark ethernium ERC-20 
+ 30 million tokens will be on sale. 
+ Exchange rate: 1ETH (or equivalent) = 200 PCO 
tokens + sales will be difficult to close after receiving 150,000 ET 
+ BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC purchase Token PCO accepted 
PCO is not made after this period to prevent inflation No more +. 
+ Distribution tokens February 1, starting 2018.

Token value

PCO tokens represent ownership of rights and obligations arising from PCO asset contracts (see below), Pecunio’s natural resources (primarily management and performance costs), and ICO service costs. Tokens are digital assets without inherent intrinsic value, but values ​​are based on underlying assets, real estate and / or rights. The PCO token allows the holder to receive a proportional fee. +20,000,000 
of the 
PCO generated during the manufacturing event is distributed to Pecunio + 20 million PCO. The PCO founder will be assigned to financial sponsors and early-stage advocates. 
More than 10,000,000 PCOs created during manufacturing events are assigned to the company to be used as a future staff token pool to strengthen their ability to attract and sell the best talent. This token is locked for 12 months 
+ 5,000,000 PCOs created during production are created and presented to the advisor. This token is locked for 3 months 
+ 15,000,000 in PCO will be credited as a backup, but will not be posted. PCOs are available as additional resources but can not be issued in the future.


The exchange works through the matching machine through the asset proxy. As a result, the interface is linked to external exchanges and addresses through smart proxy asset contracts that comply with the ERC-20 standard. 
+ Operational safety 
+ Writing in an appropriate hardware programming language to maintain speed 
+ Closed environment – Considering future decentralization


It is written in Javascript and is one of the BitCore OTA frameworks.

Road map




MEDIUM: @Pecunio 
E-MAIL: [email protected]

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