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We are living with You in technological epoch. Blockchain has become one of the industry’s new digital asset assets other than the existing investment platform, the pattern of application in this world is very promising as to how the pattern of liquidity structure that tends to cause a drastic and sharp pattern of fluctuations is one chance that can be considered an opportunity to stabilize the economic value income from the existing investment process. Some of these new companies make a real contribution to the pattern of economic structure and the effects of token trade they spend. In terms of revenue value, it can be said that PayPro is one of the companies or trading blockchain platform that has the advantage to exchange value of Ethereum as well as a place that can be used as reference and place of minings recommended to potential investors like you. See more on: . PayPro was born in 2015 as an online tool for making payments in 25 currencies saving up to 90% on hidden bank fees. We got regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, raised two funding rounds of €750,000 in total and spent a little bit more than a year in the market. We managed to process € 500,000 per month, which is not bad at all compared to the early beginnings of Kantox or Transferwise, for instance. From that experience, we soon learned that the payments / banking industry was totally outdated. Thus, we soon realized that we had to make a step forward if we wanted offer a truly disruptive value proposition if we wanted to change the industry. This is why we started to listen to the market, talk with industry’s experts and do a lot of test and fail. And this is how we created PayPro: the first decentralized bank built. Paypro adopting a platform-themed exchange system as well as a wallet that can be done by investors to invest each other fully and give them the opportunity to participate in helping some economic gaps felt by most of the world community, through this program paypro give a positive impact on growth value economy. Decentralized investment funds on the blockchain platform for investors worldwide are an effective philosophy offered by this platform. With the vision and mission of the concept of mutual benefit between the project owner and the token owner. Paypro platform has its own advantages over other companies offering similar investments. below is a token advantage given paypro on the platform. Especially for you, we want to reduce the cost of banking. For this purpose we set up a paypro — System for processing payments, built in the era of blockchain, which limits the number of middlemen. How does this change benefit you? So far, the financial services sector is dominated by firms based on a large number of intermediaries. Paypro provides a great opportunity to suppliers or investors to invest in this platform and trade the nominal value of the global economy is one of the goals that this platform must achieve to keep competing in the market arena of the crypto exchange market. Having an asset in the digital world of a large crypto currency is a big dream for some people who understand the world of cryptocurenncy how and the right conditions for us to start investing in this trading industry, yet most people have a misconception that everything that is invested is like a game profit and loss. Indeed most of the value of investments is not always calculated from the concept of income and expenditure but in this industry will enter the category of effective probilitas that always give positive value to the investor. Consider an investment value for legitimate and legal token ownership of tokens that can be used wherever you are is a very complex idea in solving token problems that sometimes decrease their selling points against primary trading stocks. The assumption of an income does not have absolute certainty and patents against these advantages and disadvantages is a natural thing that can be experienced by everyone.

Actual problems:

The main problem with traditional banks, as shown during the world recession on 2007–08, is that due to the fact that they hold all the information, users can not take objetive decisions. For this reason, it is commonly said that the centre of the relationship with banks is not the client but the bank itself. Whereas it is true that there is an increasing number of so-called neo-banks, either built on blockchain or over APIs, they still have not managed to avoid the main problem with banks; centralization of services. Any form of centralization will always diminish the services offered as the supplier will always have more information than the market.


Therefore, we have created a financial marketplace where any dApp can offer its financial services and any user can both use them and rate them. This rating system will be the master piece as it will provide with:

  1. Transparency. Every user will be encouraged to rate a dApp after using it. This way the user will contribute to offer a rating so any other user willing to use the dApp will know whether it complies with his expectations or not.
  2. Loyalty. Users will be rewarded for rating dApps.
  3. Enhanced competition. Suppliers contributing to the marketplace by offering their services can generate a second source of income thanks to our rating system. This way we aim at getting on board the more dApps as possible; the more dApps in the marketplace, the more competition, which will ultimately force suppliers to struggle on the quality of their services.
  4. Improved services. The system is made so ratings go down through time and hence, dApps are forced to keep high ratings at all times.


PayPro Market will be built as a decentralized app, also known as dApp. According to David Jonhston, a dApp must meet several criteria to be considered as follows:

  1. Applications must be developed open-source, must operate autonomously and the majority of tokens can not be controlled by an entity. Also, proposed improvements and market feedback may occur Adapted in protocol.
  2. To access the application and to reward contributions from miners or contributors, a cryptographic token is required.
  3. Token must be generated as proof of value generated on application.
  4. Decentralized blockchain should be used to store data and records
    operation to avoid the point of failure center.

Wallet PayPro:

PayPro will accept most forms of cryptocurrencies. Using Ethereum will allow users to store at least the 100 most used currencies by transaction volume per day. Of course, PayPro Token will be our main currency and will be easily exchanged with any other currency. So far, we have developed an iOS app that allows to store BTC, but this is just a proof of concept made for user experience purposes. You can download it on the
AppStore here:

Market place:

On the one hand, users will be capable of using their PayPro Tokens, also known as PYPs, for buying any service in the marketplace. These services will range from loans or credits to investments. Once the user will have spent its PYPs, a token will be received and stored on the application as a result of using a Smart Contract. For instance, if a user wants to invest in a crowdfunding platform, he can browse for crowdfunding platforms, select a campaign, pay in PYPs and store the token received in exchange on PayPro. On the other hand, suppliers can submit their services to the marketplace. By using smart contracts, we can ensure that all transactions are made in a secure and efficient way. All suppliers will be rated by the users so the best suppliers can be recommended and the worst can be ruled out. By implementing this rating system we can avoid centralization and thus guarantee that services are client-focused and not the otherwise.


PayPro Token (PYP) will be the lead money in our ecosystem, encouraging exchanges within the commercial center. the structure for selecting options will be set by PayPro as the main promoter and token holder group. we recognize how to make mandatory for our clients to always purchase PayPro tokens can reduce client encounters. Thus, we will utilize our door progress to permit trading from existing client assets to PayPro tokens consequently each time the client needs to pay a fee. Publishing our custom token will allow finance specialists from anywhere in the world to join PayPro. This financial specialist will have early access to Token PayPro at the time of manufacture. As the number of tokens will be limited, we anticipate that the costs will increase as long as the increase in demand. However, then our Token will be redeemed for any significant trade like BTC or ETH at this time. We hope our Token ends are widely used even beyond our application as a group. All services offered in the marketplace and all transaction fees will be charged in PYPs. Due to the increasing number of currencies that are going to be supported by the application, we have to decide which one is going to be accepted in order to charge all fees and for the marketplace to be simplified. Whereas is true that ETH could be a good candidate, we are reluctant about relying on it due to the fact that we do not share that Ethereum is the final winner for Smart Contracts. Other ventures as Neo (AntShares) offer also attractive opportunities that are very likely to success in the mid-term. For this reason, we have to issue our own token which will be used as the benchmark for all other currencies offered in the application. As said, PayPro Tokens will be the only currency enabled to pay fees.

Token summary:

Token Name: PayPro

Symbol: PYP

The pre-sale period is January 8 to January 15, 2018

Pre-sale term Investment min 2 ETH

Bonus pre-sale: bonus up 35%

Main Sales period: January 15 — February 26, 2018

The main sales term Investment min 0,5 ETH

Major sales bonus: 24 hours 20%

First week 15%

Second week 10%

Exchange rate 1 ETH: 2000 PYP

Hard Cap: 5,000 ETH

Currency received: only for ETH

Beneficiary Token for economic decisions & rights.

% Token sold 40%

Nationality: Anyone except Singapore, Estonia and

US due to legal or state restrictions

trade approved by the US.

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