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MINERVA (OWL) Built on a smart contract by Ethereal, Knowe aims to encourage an approved platform to adopt crypto as a new payment method. This incentive is achieved by rewarding this approved platform with a newly printed OWL token. This token is generated at the variable rate when the currency is used.

Currently, digital currencies have serious problems. They are rarely used as currency. The problem is accompanied by excessive short-run price swings that pose a huge risk for many companies to accept cryptographic currencies.

We envision a world in which smart contracts help overcome the problem of excessive price changes, changing the way business approaches crypto. By bridging the gap between business and customers, we hope to help bring the mainstream of digital coins.

MINERVA (OWL) is a crypto and platform that provides additional revenue streams for merchants who accept their token as a payment method. We strive to show less tough short-term fluctuations through transaction testing and introduce incentive payment solutions to accelerate the adoption of crypto contracts and smart contracts in the mainstream.

What distinguishes Minerva from Bitcoin?

The main difference between Minerva and Bitcoin is that Minerva is designed to reward platforms that accept their OWL chips with reverse transaction costs and also respond to key challenges of cryptographic applications. Minerva is the OWL platform and its chip is the currency. In addition to being crypto-conductivity, we are the first commercial reverse processor in the world.


Platform innovation

Minerva offers a generous reward system for companies that accept it as payment. Upon receiving Minerva OWL tokens, each company receives bonuses that resemble cashback incentives from credit cards. When the Minerva OWL tab is received from their customers, they will be auto-populated.

Liquidity immediately through the relevant Minerva trade exchange API
Removal of rewards and exchange commissions
Additional protection against strong short-run price fluctuations
Reverse transaction fees We pay, not vice versa

Risk mitigation
Founder Etereum, Vitalik Buterin, said: “Then there will be some cryptoasset classes separately: stable assets for trade, speculative assets for investment, and Bitcoin itself can serve as a single universal Schelling point, similar to the current gold function and history” . While Bitcoin itself is not the only point of Schelling, our goal is OWL in the relative stability of encryption that allows a company to make a profit just to accept it as a form of payment.

The reward system is designed so that Minerva OWL tokens enter the economy at different levels, making an effort to ensure that demand does not cause price changes in the short term. As shown below in the case of first use and directing us, we will integrate it with large companies when launched, and future businesses requesting integration need stringent security checks, including money laundering and fraud prevention audits. .

Speculation, currency fraud, drug markets, and general negative crypto ads in the crucial market will have little impact on our partner platform. Minerva tokens have an advantage beyond speculative value, as they represent fair value between platform and customer, as well as agents, contractors, suppliers, creators and more.

Benefits for users
When customers pay using Minerva OWL tokens, companies have more flexibility to offer discounts to them. This is because, instead of paying a transaction fee, the Minerva platform is a bonus of OWL tokens at the time of each approved transaction. Users can purchase OWL chips from the exchange or the market in which they are traded, transfer them to one of the compatible ERC20 portfolios and spend them on the Minerva platform.

Ifyou join Minerva, you will get a decent profit and it does not disappoint. That is due to, Minerva is full of professional and trusted people in their field

Minerva Members:

Kevin McSheehan — Founder / Executive Producer
Corey Jackson — Founder / Head of Developer
Ron DiIorio — Founder / Strategic Partner
Kol Shtufaj — Creative Director, Brand & UI / UX
Cory Torrella — Business Development / Marketing
Robert Forster — Lead Strength Developer
Courtney Turner — HR Strategist / PR / Social Media
Paul Petratos — Head of Communications

Minerva Counsel:

Jevgenijs Steinbuks — Economic Advisor
Keidi Carrington — Legal Counsel
Greg Bailey — IT veteran

Official information on Minerva, below :

Website: https://minerva.com/

Whitepaper: https://minerva.com/whitepaper.pdf


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