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Have you ever heard about this new company? The name is SNOVIO. This is the lead generation and also as a sourcing platform. This company has been released in this world. The token will also launch on the next 3rd October 2017. The technology that supports this company is block chain technology. SNOVIO is already release the beta version on the last April 2017. It also has some feature and today it develop more. Some of the features that available on this company are:

Domain searches à you as the user can have a good access to the email. It also comes complete with the name and the job position. It will available from many different domains. It also supported by the prospect search, linker Boolean search and also the company search. It will become very useful when you want to leads in the specific sector.
Email verifier à this feature uses to check the email address and to make sure that the email address that available is all valid and free from bounce
LinkedIn email search à the purpose of this feature is to get the email and save it automatically. It also can give the more advantages to the data that already available in LinkedIn users.

For your information, the SNOVIO has some important mission. The SNOVIO CEO already states that this platform company is able to help the process of the leader generation. It will also give a good source for the information seekers. This company also has a mission to change the established method of the leader generation. It will available in the decentralization type one. This platform company is also develops the database into the high quality one. It can also constantly update. To complete this mission the company is also use the collection data method with crowd sourcing strategies.

In other side, while the SNOVIO is building the database then this company is developing into the platform company that uses the inbound and outbound technique together hand in hand. The SNOVIO team is working on the enrichment technique that using the auto responder data. It supported by the auto sender email. This company will also start working to add the acquisition technology and then tracking the lead that is inbound.

Besides that, the SNOVIO company is also has the operating principle. SNOVIO use the collection technology in crowd sourcing data based on the network that is decentralization to some contributor that has unlimited access to add the new data to the system. It uses the chrome plug in system that dedicated only to data validating and data collection. In the other hand, it different to the traditional dividing method that crowd sourcing has unlimited to specific site or web or only in the some part. It will make the users possible to collect data from many sources that available in the social network that can be accessed. Overall, the SNOVIO company is a kind of communication line between the hundreds costumers and contributors that seek for the high instruction from the most sophisticated technology.


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