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Marketplace is growing exponentially. All e-stores as well as massive stores where you currently save are on the threshold of integrating blockchain primarily based payment methods. It’s far best timing for Bitcoinus to emerge and lead the evolution of crypto-bills. We consciousness on real, living processes of B2B corporations in order to be reinvented according to the global markets wishes. This is the path Bitcoinus has selected and that is the manner e-commerce is headed.

Future of Online Payments

TOP 100 COINS: Bitcoinus will build up a stage for successful B2B business-arranged crypto handling. To ensure the individual customers and in addition all business needs are met, the main phase of Bitcoinus stage advancement will incorporate the 100 most utilized and put stock in digital forms of money.

Blockchain Based KYC: Bitcoinus will actually cripple this kind of hazard as a result of our refined KYC guidelines which will be important to agree to keep in mind the end goal to end up our business customer. Limiting the administration charges and for the most part making our administration reasonable. Bitcoinus will execute blockchain based KYC to guarantee most extreme unwavering quality of data appropriation.

Global Payment Solution for E-commerce: The stage empowers a vendor to get the assets in up to 2 seconds. For every single worldwide business it is critical to have the capacity to get all assets available to it’s at the earliest opportunity. The Bitcoinus stage will diminish the season of accepting assets from days or weeks to several seconds. Certain present installment passages can defer the receipt of assets by 1 to 2 weeks, particularly when an exchange needs to clear however faraway bank locations. The official website of Bitcoinus is

· Encourage organizations to adjust cryptographic forms of money significantly more viably.

The business strategy is given bellow:

Transaction Algorithm: Transaction algorithm procedure is given bellow:

It is extremely unlikely any of the online installment doors could offer such a minimal effort exchange as the one offered by Bitcoinus. The reason is basic; less layers = less many-sided quality = bring down cost. A common buy calculation of any item utilizing internet business instruments:

Merchant Reputation System:

All purchasers will have the capacity to rate every one of the dealers that will utilize our stage as their handling device. Bitcoinus will screen the exchanges and all input age deliberately with a specific end goal to keep up the high straightforwardness of all cryptocurrency related tasks.

Disrupting the Old Order

Bitcoinus will permit all people to shop for cryptocurrencies using their ordinary bank cards. All purchased Altcoins may also be saved in secure wallets. Furthermore, we can be providing the maximum cost effective and green B2B on line fee processing solution.

Crypto Market Cap to go through the Roof: The cryptocurrency advertise capitalization increments quickly. Having at the top of the priority list that it is just the start of the blockchain time; Bitcoinus have confidence in the exponential development of joined web based business and blockchain innovations. The future development of the crypto installment preparing administration piece of the pie will increment alongwith the estimation of cryptocurrencies. To envision the bearing of this market, investigate the most recent patterns of a few principal crypto’s.

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E-Commerce Growth: it’s also vital to study e-trade income increase alone. Even without the involvement of blockchain generation, the industry is about to double in generating revenues three-four years from now. It is an extensively quick period of time for such boom of a not so new industry. The growth statistics are given as following:

Risk of Financial Fraud: One essential difficulty of any decentralized currency is largely a chance of fraud. With Bitcoinus charge processing and online payment solutions authority will make certain that handiest customers can control their non-public statistics. Bitcoinus might be designed to step away from the centralization of information.


Bitcoinus is all approximately supplying foremost solutions:

a) Developing a charge gateway for making use of over 100 cryptocurrencies

b) Growing a powerful online payment processing system.

1. E-Commerce Plugins: The modules will cooperate with the Bitcoinus stage which will empower all crypto advantages for be used at whatever point vital by its holder. This kind of consolidated arrangement will enormously upgrade the security of exchanges and in addition their speed.

2. The Development Stages: Bitcoinus have just begun to build up their underlying MVP; the procedures will proceed through ICO battle. The primary working piece of the undertaking ought to be done by September of 2018. Before the finish of the principal quarter of 2019 the Bitcoinus group intends to get all real usefulness completed and the settled arrangement will be broadly accessible for online business and individual customers.

3. Online Payment: The new arrangement in view of decentralized systems is being created to offer more than some other crypto-situated stages today. Our group is centered on fast appropriation of the innovation in worldwide markets which will make online installments utilizing cryptocurrencies progress forward.

4. In Store Payments: Bitcoinus enables the following development:

· Transparency amongst dealer and purchaser. Able to remove the greater part of the current hazard that is the key to effective blockchain advancement.

· Smooth transformation amongst crypto and FIAT monetary forms

· Option to purchase, hold and spend Bitcoin or some other well-known cryptographic money

· Integrated internal cash

5. Technical Overview

Business Model

Bitcoinus business methodology is intended to achieve the lion’s share of web based business specialty units and empower their potential in the recently shaping industry of decentralized worldwide installments. Its 0.5% bonus for an exchange is as of now an imperative point to make when people talk about business and even the opposition. Its vast majority turns around the offers that are near what any installment portals. Comparative or somewhat bring down expenses can’t go about as an adequate impetus for blasting innovation where ease and productivity are dependably the featured elements.

Marketing and Strategy

Advertising is a standout amongst the most critical contemplations for any business, especially in the online business space. With costs proceeding to climb, brands are being compelled to discover new and connecting with approaches to advertise their items and actualize new cost sparing advancements. As blockchain innovation keeps on advancing, brands are offered access to increasingly imaginative approaches to draw in with clients and manufacture enduring encounters. From devotion projects to organizations to personalization, the conceivable outcomes are for all intents and purposes inestimable.

Future Implementation

Bitcoinus team has taken steps to remain their successful position. The procedure is given bellow:

Bitcoinus is building up a stage for compelling B2B business-situated crypto handling. The blockchain based monetary forms have conveyed a totally unique way to deal with it as a technique for installment. By joining Bitcoinus client can give online installment faster and more secure. This is the main stage to convey this support of the general population. So web based promoting is significantly less demanding now with Bitcoinus.

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