Introducing Vacuum( — A decentralized gaming platform and marketplace

What is Vacuum?
Vacuum is a gaming platform utilizing block chain technology. On our platform, gamers will be able to buy, re-sell and even rent digital game rights. In addition, game prices will be cheaper than those sold on currently existing platforms.

What is Vacuum’s Vision?
Our vision is to be the next big gaming platform such as Steam.

Why is this even important/needed?
Gamers are always on the look out of new games. How many times have you seen a new game and thought, “I want to try that!”. You end up buying it and maybe playing it a couple of times. Maybe because of the overwhelming number of games or it just didn’t suit your preference.

If you are a gamer then you would definitely be able to relate to the above scenario. As gamers, we understand that our library of games seem to growing but never ever having enough time to play them all.

What if we could resell some of these games or even rent them out? We would be able to de-clutter our game library and earn some money. Or perhaps you want to try a game out but aren’t sure if you want to buy it. Why not rent it for a week and see if you like it?

We believe that Vacuum could create an entirely new marketplace that currently does not exist. Back in the old days, you could re-sell your physical game cartridges/CDs. That doesn’t exist for digital games today.

How does it work?
When a game gets re-sold or rented, a small percentage of the sale goes back to the game developer and Vacuum. This way it creates a win-win situation for everyone. Everything is done on the block chain so it ensures a fair transaction for everyone.

What use would VAC tokens have?
VAC tokens would be used in our marketplace as the currency to buy, resell and rent games.

Why do you need blockchain funding?
Through Vacuum, we will make a big impact and revolutionize the gaming industry. To accomplish something that currently does not exist, funds are needed. With funding, we will be able to make that into a reality. We are very excited at the new revenue streams our marketplace can create for gamers, game developers as well as the gaming industry as a whole.

We value every single contributor in our community and by funding Vacuum, you are helping the gaming industry take a new leap forward.

Participate in our cause
You can sign up to our pre-sale registration list over at

Be sure to follow our various social media accounts and stay up to date on news regarding Vacuum. You can find links to them over at our main website.

You can contact us via email: tokens[email protected] regarding any questions you have.

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