How to transfer cryptocurrency to a card, to another wallet or to the exchange

If to compare to conventional electronic systems, cryptocurrency has a lot of positive features. Millions of people who have already started using crypto-money have already appreciated some facts. It is not subject to control by state structures and bodies, the ability to maintain confidence in the confidentiality of their account, for transactions, take a small commission, convenient decentralization principle, a large number of legal ways to withdraw the accumulated funds. It is about the methods of the output of bitcoins. This applies to many other cryptocurrencies — Etherium, Monero, Ripple, Lightcoin …

How to get Bitcoin on a card

The easiest way to transfer bitcoins to a card is through an exchange service. The sequence of actions is below.

· Pass registration and enter the data for the transaction (name, numbers from the card and other information).

· Specify the amount to be displayed on the plastic card.

· Wait for confirmation of the transaction and receipt of the required amount to the account.

Typically, the process of output Bitcoins in this way takes a minimum of time — no more than 5–10 minutes. In this case, the exchange office takes a small commission for the transaction.

Advantages of the method include high transaction speed, reliability, performance guarantee (when using a reliable exchange office). The disadvantage is the existence of a commission, not the best course.

Exchange offices on the Internet work around the clock and automatically, which allow people to output at any time convenient for them. Exchangers also help people realize the withdrawal of funds to other payment systems. They include Kiwi, WebMoney, YaD, Sberbank Online and so on.

Bitcoin’s withdrawal from the exchange

Another option is to use the opportunities of one of the stock exchanges. There are plenty of them today. Russian-speaking users should choose resources that have a clear interface, with the Russian language. To transfer funds to the wallet, they must complete the registration procedure and then authorize and transfer the Bitcoins from their wallet to the account of the exchange site.

To send money from the Bitcoin purse, people need to go to it and go to the sending of funds. In this case, a new window will appear, where they will need to register the address for the replenishment and specify the number of coins for output. It remains to agree with the transaction by clicking the “Send” button. After that, the money is credited to the account of the exchange (the term of enrollment is 1–10 hours).

Once the money is received, it remains to put a warrant for sale. To do this, it is necessary to go to the “bidding” section and select an interesting pair, for example, Bitcoin / Ruble. A person also can choose a different currency. After that, the number of coins sold and the desired cost per Bitcoin are indicated. It remains to click on the button selling the cryptocurrency and expect its buyer.

That is, the whole process consists of three stages: the transfer of personal coins to the exchange, their sale for rubles and withdrawal to a payment card.

How to get Bitcoin on the exchange: step-by-step instruction

· Pass the registration at the crypto exchange.

· Specify the address on which it will be necessary to replenish Bitcoins. You can do it directly on the website of the exchange.

· Go to the Bitcoin purse and find the “Send” tab. After that, a window will appear where you need to enter the address for entering the cryptocurrency. Specify the amount to be sold at the auction, then click on the “Send” button link.

· Expect the transfer of money on the exchange. The maximum period is a day, but most often the process is faster.

· Issue an order to sell Bitcoins. Here it is necessary to go to the category of trades, determine with the pair of interest (in our case this is BTC / RUR).

· Specify the volume of the cryptocurrency to be sold, as well as the desired cost of a Bitcoin.

· Click on “Sell BTC” and wait for the buy-out of the Bitcoins.

· Once the rubles are credited to the account, they can be withdrawn to WebMoney or a bank card. Such operations are carried out in a special section of the exchange site (most often it is called “finance”).

Transfer of Bitcoin to WebMoney

The payment system Webmoney is very popular and the number of customers of the system exceeds 60 million users, which indicates the reliability of the service. That’s why many people decide to transfer the existing cryptocurrency into this type of electronic money. How to get Bitcoin to Webmani’s personal wallet? In 2013, the developers of WebMoney introduced a WMX cryptocurrency wallet into the system, then demonstrated their willingness to experiment and support the latest innovative achievements. An interesting fact is that WebMoney, to date, is the only payment system of Russian origin working with the digital currency.

The sequence of actions is below.

· Create a special purse WMX. For this, there must be a certificate from the formal and higher. The essence is that the system must have all the necessary information about the user. Thus, the data should be confirmed. The internal rate of the payment system is one Bitcoin coin equal to 1000 WMX. This graduation was developed for convenience. The presence of a correlation is especially important when one has to deduce a small amount of cryptocurrency.

· Go to the “Create” menu and register a new WMX purse. After its creation, it is worth to go to the menu where the full list of purses is shown, select the newly created storage (WMX), point to it, right-click and select “Recharge”.

· After the appearance of the special “More Details” window, it is necessary to go to the operations section, select the line with the new Bitcoin-purse on WebMoney and click on the button to create the Bitcoin address that binds it to the created WMX. From this moment, you can safely remove the Bitcoin cryptocurrency from all sites. For this purpose, it is enough to prescribe the BTC address, which can be found in the address section for replenishment.

If someone desires, he can save on commission fees, but in this case, the process of conversion may take several days. Once the funds are credited to the account of the payment system, a person can, without leaving the “keeper” or personal cabinet, to exchange Bitcoins for another currency with its subsequent withdrawal. There is an option even easier. It means withdraw funds directly to a bank card. The main requirement is that such a service be connected to the wallet.

The option with the withdrawal of funds to the Webmoney wallet is good for those users who do not want to wait long for an exchange on the stock exchange and plan to subsequently transfer the available funds to the currency or immediately bring them to the bank’s card.

For a quick transaction, people will have to shell out a commission fee, which is 0.8%. In addition, the exchange rate will not be the best, which will also lead to the loss of a certain part of the capital. In this case, exchange through the exchange looks more attractive.

People can go and another way as well. It is necessary to choose through the menu item that establishes a new application for exchanging. After this, it is worth to write down the necessary number of funds that a person wants to see as a result of the operation. When selling a large amount of Bitcoin a transaction can be conducted immediately with several buyers.

Thanks to the WMX Bitcoin-Wallet, users can make transfers directly from cranes or cryptocurrencies exchanges. Further, by converting a digital currency into rubles, dollars or hryvnia, the funds are displayed on a debit card or bank account.

To be able to work with the WMX wallet, firstly, a person needs to register in the system and receive a formal certificate, by giving the EPS administration electronic scans of personal documents. After that, the client can open a cryptocurrency wallet and get the Bitcoin-address, to which payments will be made.

Transfer from Blockchain to WebMoney

After the wallet number is created, a person can start transferring bitcoins to Web Money. It is necessary to go into the Blockchain wallet, to go to the “Send money” item and to make the transaction commission minimal, selecting the “User” tab.

Now to paste into the corresponding Bitcoin form the address received in the WebMoney system. On the right, indicate the amount that you are going to transfer to the payment system, the number must necessarily be a multiple of 1000 satosh. If a person transfers 0.00555722 bitcoin, 0.00555 satosh will be listed, and 722 will simply disappear.

Just below, it demands to enter the commission for the miners (.0.0001). This amount will be debited from the wallet as payment for the transaction. After filling all the fields, a person should click the blue button from the bottom. After a few seconds, the signal will sound and the money will go. After approximately one hour, bitcoins will appear on the WMX wallet. One WMX = 0,001 BTC.

How to transfer Bitcoin to Qiwi

One of the popular directions for the withdrawal is the transfer of Bitcoins to an electronic wallet registered in the Qiwi payment system. Unfortunately, the direct withdrawal of cryptocurrency by this service is not supported yet, although Qiwi representatives try to solve this problem. How correctly to transfer Bitcoin to Qiwi? The conversion of digital currency into electronic money can be made by using exchange points, for example, BestChange.

The main task of virtual exchangers is to conduct exchanges in different directions, including using cryptocurrency wallets.

The instruction

· Go to the site of the exchange and choose exchange direction BTC — Qiwi RUR.

· Specify an email address.

· Enter details of Bitcoin wallet and Kiwi wallet.

· Enter the amount of the transfer.

· Confirm the application.

If a person wants to make the transaction anonymous, then the maximum amount of the transfer should not exceed 15,000 rubles. Due to the fact that representatives of the banking sector do not support direct money transfers from the Bitcoin system yet, users are forced to use intermediaries in the form of virtual exchange offices. And if someone is looking for a way to get Bitcoin out to Qiwi, then it is better to choose a reliable exchanger with a low commission for services.

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