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If you want to get the services that use the lead generation method and it decentralization then you should join SNOVIO. This is the first in this world. Everything in SNOVIO is using high technology named block chain. The business development and the success income are possible to get when you do not use the lead generation method. This method is so effective. In the marketing side the lead generation is the system or the strategy that design to find the special data contact from the potential client. The clients named lead. Sometimes, people need more time to find the business contact. That is the reason why this company develops some method and also system that will save your time, your energy and your effort to get a new prospect. It also uses to give some appreciation to all the users.


SNOVIO has the project mission. The lead generation that decentralization works based on the smart contact and the block chain principal technology. This company is also collects the crowd funding data to develop the database potential prospect that they have. The data collection method brings this company step forward from the other company that uses the lead generation method that depends on center data collection method. By using this sophisticated system it always updates the old data regularly and keeps the database to always in the first position. This system is also making us possible to gain the more income from every lead sale and give good appreciation to all users in proportional number. The three principles to give the high quality data is below:

The information source from the lead that is transparency. It will make the clients can see all of the lead history. It consists from the lead source, the date when the data added, how many times data that has been sold, clients review and others.
The exclusive data and the high quality information. This system will guarantee the relevance of the information given. You will never buy the lead data by using wrong telephone number and email address.
The data update will give you chance to immediately receive the notification of the lead data change.

The operation principles of this company are the contributor, customer, token and also the platform. The contributor will add the potential data lead and update the data that are available on that system. For the customer, they will possible to decide the criteria to find the prospect for their business. The platform will connect the contributor to the customer based on the smart contact and the block chain technology that will guarantee the fair distribution income for the all principles. For the SNOV token it will used to finance side between the contributor, customer, and platform and also give some appreciation to the user to add and update every data in the system. The token total is constant and also permanent. The client will also get some advantages. If you are as the customer, investor or even contributor then each of you will get the profit from it.

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