Forty Seven Bank

Forty seven is a unique project as a solution to create a universal bank that embraces traditional monetary system for users of cryptocurrencies. Recognized by international financial bodies with all regulatory requirements adjusted.

The project was founded in 2017 by financial organizations, information technology, marketing, economics and gaming industry professionals.

Forty seven Bank will be the largest structure that complies with all regulatory requirements and EU Payment Service Manual 2 (PSD2) that adheres to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies.

There are three basic principles Forty seven namely: relevance, convenience, and security.

Mission & Vision Forty Seven
is to provide financial services with innovative and easy security for its customers, both individuals, businesses, developers, traders and financial institutions and governments.
Combining Forty’s seven products into the world of traditional cryptography and finance will provide a new unique opportunity for both.

Value of Forty seven
• Transparency;
• Financial stability;
• Firendly user effectiveness and procedures;
• Security and privacy (data protection);
• Innovation;
• Customer satisfaction;
• Growing market share and worldwide expansion;
• Benefits for all parties.

Products & Services

  • Product for Private Persons

Account Management, Deposit and Loans, Investment and Brokerage, Invoicing, Other service is personal products

  • Product for Business

Forty seven app platform and Api management, Payment processing and invoicing, financing and factoring, white label processing, Biometric POS terminal, ICO services.

  • Product for Developers

Bank As a Service (BaaS), Forty seven app Platform, Loyalty services, Developer meet-ups, Scoring KYC and Compliance services, Data Analytics and Prediction Models, Consulting services.

  • Product for Traders

Account Management, Access to App Platform, Access to Forty Seven Bank Exchange, Access to Exchanges, Analytics, Derivatives, Hedging, Smart Support, Cryptobonds, Cryptofuture

• Blockchain, with Cryptocurrencies wallet will save and securely store public and private keys

Gateway cryptocurrency
Forty seven banks as cryptocurrency gateways will convert fiat to crypto currency and return to fiat. Integrated with the primary key and the client’s crypto backup can use and perform own exchange requests in fiat and cryptocurrency. The process of exchange between fiat and cryptocurrency accounts will be as simple as transferring money from one fiat account to another.

Cryptocurrency payment system
For online merchants, we provide a secure crypto payment system.
Buyers can pay for products in crypto and fiat currencies through the payment system.

This system is easy to use for buyers and integrated into merchants.

API payment and Button payment
When a buyer buys a product, he can choose how they want to pay — either using fiat or crypto currency.

When a purchase is received, Buyers can pay securely directly to a seller’s fiat or cryptocurrency account. If the seller wants, the funds can be automatically converted to the desired fiat or crypto currency. Forty-seven banks can also make a chargeback for cryptocurrency

Our payment system is safe from billing duplication as well as fraud
 and safe for buyers and merchants.

Smart contract

Forty Seven Bank will provide a set of predefined smart contracts and these contracts can be used as standard agreements between bank customers.

Road Map of Forty Seven Bank

Seen from the Road Map below illustrates this project is a suitable project for long-term investors. This makes one interesting on this project, hopefully the future of this project can go forward and grow again.

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