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Life is a pleasure for those who are so worried about this. Continuous research of the unknown — it makes it useful. We found entertainment and entertainment in almost everything that depends on nature and circumstances. Another factor related to fun is risk. How much are you willing to take risks for fun and entertainment. It is not known what attracts many people. The drama is likely. A form of entertainment that is slightly higher in comparison to other examples of entertainment is play.

the dragon

Dragon Coin or DRG is the ERC20 / Ethereum Utility token used to participate in the Blockchain Dragon ecosystem. The DRG current will initially be purchased through the sale of our tokens and then on the crypt market, investors and casino players to participate in the Casino using Dragon’s Blockchain facility run by addicts who are Dragon addicts.

Dragon is fortunate & blessed to have close ties with junket operators, who have their long history in the industry have built close relationships with high-rolling VIP players who are the major drivers of Asia’s gaming industry.

destination dragon
is revolutionizing the legacy gaming industry while increasing its roots in the industry to help move towards Dragon Coin Goal. Veel ICO’s worden gelanceerd elke maand, en veel van deze ICO’s concurreren niet alleen met prestaties als blokprojecten, maar ook met de mogelijkheid om te genereren winsten voor beleggers.

Token platform
Purchase, sale and conversion of DRG
Upon completion of Token sale, DRG can be purchased with the help of Fiat or BTC, ETH, XRP, LTH through any crypto-industrial partner recognized directly or directly through its own Dragon Exchange.

Social Wallet
Members of the Dragon community, similar to AML / KYC, released individuals and registered with Dragon as the account holder, are entitled to use the full functionality of the advanced Dragon smartphones? The promotion wallet, which will help them visualize the number of DRGs, DGCs and other forms of digital value icons that are safely stored in their Dragon accounts in the ethereum block.Drag Wallet will fully support the implementation of DRG and DGC.

Debit card of the Dragon
Each Dragon member can decide to receive a physical debit card for a physical dragon linking his Dragon account with the ATM network and the global MasterCard / Visa provider.

Global ATM
The platform will connect to the Global Cash Machines (GCM) network, allowing participants to use their Dragon Debit Card to withdraw cash by changing the digital value stored in their wallet with an account (be it DRG, BTC, ETH, XRP or LTC) . Participants can also deposit money into their wallets in GCM.

Dragon Coin, or DRG, is a ERC20 utility token, built on the basis of Blockchain Ethereum.

The Blockchain Dragon Device provides casinos and players with a book of reliable transactions, promising a level of transparency that has not yet existed in the gaming industry.

DRG is required for players to purchase DGC (Dragon Global Chips), creating a constant demand and continuing work when we launch new casinos in the coming months.

We are really building a business to improve and improve the interaction of people with the casino. Transparency & Integrity play a big role in achieving this goal, and Blockchain perfectly supports this solution.

Chris Ahmad, co-founder and CEO of Dragon INC

DRAGON Team leadership
Chris Ahmad = Founder and CEO
Paul Moynan = founder
Panchat Chayutthana = Director of Business Development and Finance
Yobie Benjamin = CTO
DRAGONS Advisory Board
Nick Spanos = Banking in Bitcoin
Dean Cannell = CoinFabric
Las Ho Choi = Experienced Junket Operator
Vlatko Gigov = Blockchain token economy
Christopher Cannucciari = Bitcoin Banking
Dean Anastos = BlockchainDevelopers.org
Abdul Qaiyoom = expert risk and block expert
Samuel McCulloch = SmartICOInvestor.com
Max Garza = Research & Development Blockchain

For more Informations:

Website: https: //www.drgtoken.io/

facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/dragoncoin.online

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/FSgY4RI3tNfalmD2sbIZRg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dragoncoin

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