DomRaider — Launches Token (DRT) to finance its growth and to push its blockchain auctions to the world.

What is DomRaider?

We are a French startup made in 2013, specializing in “dropcatching.” This technique consists of ordering a recently-released domain name (such as .com, net, and .fr) and selling it at auction.
We are in hyper growth with more than 20,000 sales on our behalf. Our team consists of 30 people speaking 7 languages and spread across 3 countries, soon increasing to 5. We have gained prestigious clients who trust us to get the best domain name for SEO, marketing or to protect their brand.

Introduction to DomRaider

The domain name industry is currently filled with treasures, the domains that are most often dropped are less valuable but according to DOMRAIDER 1% (100,000 daily) is a valuable one-word domain.

DOMRAIDER broke their “drop catching” process into 3 simple steps:

Qualification: Domains are analyzed for potential potential domain values and their performance in SEO and other metrics before proceeding. 
Pre-order/DOMRAIDER Indexation: 
Eligible domains continue to index where they can be traced on the DOMRAIDER dashboard, allowing DOMRAIDER users to search and review potential domains , allowing users to reorder the domain if they meet their wishes. Arrest: DOMRAIDER automatically follows the domain that is waiting for the drop period, which allows the domain to be purchased, if successful domain name will be transferred to the pre-order user, if more than 1 preorders with the same domain name, the domain will go on sale for a period of 7 days.

Automating Processes — Key Benefits

The heaviest part of falling domain bookings is there, because the acquisition is based on a first-come first-serve model, with automatic bots that make manual pickings almost impossible. DOMRAIDER will automate the breeding process following the rules / regulations per each domain registrar, thus simplifying the process into 3 steps for the end user.

ICANN Legal Stand

ICANN has not been made formal in its view of domain capture.

Current DOMRAIDER System

DOMRAIDER has been established as a startup since 2013 by Tristan Colombet, which currently offers over one hundred thousand domains entering its fall. Simplicity for end users, startup aims to make it as simple as possible, so all end users should do is analyze and order.

Administrative Options Panel

Because DOMRAIDER targets the overall catch catch, it has developed a ‘dashboard’ for its users, allowing general administrative options in any domain management utility, with standard options such as the management of “redirect entries, DNS (Domain Name System).

Startup Potential Analysis

DOMRAIDER has experienced enormous growth since its inception as a startup in 2013, growing from a small team of 5–10 to 30 male teams operating in 3 different countries, currently has more than 20,000 transactions, some of which are from very well known/companies that trust DOMRAIDER.

DOMRAIDER already claims to be the biggest drop catcher because it does not support domain extensions yet. It should be noted that adding domain extensions is quite difficult and requires adaptation and approval.

Now the biggest drop catcher in Europe, DomRaider has announced it has been damaged even in 2016 and has great support if financial support is needed for any purpose.

Problems with the current centralized domain auction organizer

Currently, all drop catchers are centered, vulnerable to one point of failure and other dimming factors.

Without centralization, there is no way to have transparency, thus making legitimate users vulnerable, in this case, vulnerable through domain auctions and counterfeit bidders. “Bidders have no way of ensuring authenticity, authenticity, and legitimacy of higher bids” — Whitepaper

There are many domain auction operators that operate around the world and thus every domain manager forces users to sign up.

The degradation of the quality of domain auctions is another disadvantage to closed software and centralized firms, without ‘standards’ every domain auctioneer is forced to create their own devices, with many missing eccentric components like much-needed mobile apps or tools that are optimized or heavily damaged.

Block-Based Solutions Decentralized

DOMRAIDER aims to create a decentralized blockchain that will solve problems that come from a centralized competitor, having key features such as:

  • Scalable, reliable and transparent: Every transaction can be verified and can not be falsified.
  • Interoperability allows buyers to participate in any type of auction and pay in different — different
  • Nearly zero transaction costs through the power of distributed blockchain.
  • Bids must be verified on blockchain quickly, DOMRAIDER says that its blockchain can verify bids in less than a second!

Open Source Profits

By leveraging open source blockchain technology, enabling ecosystems to form around DOMRAIDER where users and community members can help shape services and provide useful new functions.

Token Use Case

Folded from a whitepaper, this short paragraph explains how the token can be used as part of the ecosystem:

Productive Token

By selling assets or products at auction,

  • By earning sales commissions
  • By selling services related to blockchain
  • By participating in DomRaider “Domain
    Spotters” program

Spending Token

  • By arranging the auction
  • By placing a deposit on the certificate auction
  • By winning at auction

Today’s ICO review will be based on Soma, and answer the whole question, does Soma deserve a place in our portfolio?


  • Total token supply: 1,000,000,000 DRT
  • Token type: Standard ERC20
  • 50% of the total supply will be locked into reserves
  • 35% of the total supply to be sold within ICO
  • 15% of the total supply is distributed to stake holders
  • 1 DRT = $0.117
  • Cap Hard: € 35 million
  • Pre-Sales Stage: 16/08/2017 to 11/09/2017
  • ICO Main Sales Phase: 12/09/2017 until 11/10/2017

Unreleased Token: For repurchase by DOMRAIDER major shareholder. ‘Inovaa and Eefficiency’

Development of our platform

Before planning to develop our own technology, we will do a benchmark (comparative study) of all technological variables that may be the basis of our auction solutions, both to prepare our solutions on the platform, to apply forks to customize them specifically for auctions. Checked alternatives can be categorized into two categories:




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