Centra : Multi-Blockchain Worldwide Debit Card & Insured Wallet

There are about 2 billion adult that does not have access to banking system and are left from the financial world. There are varies reason for this, one of them are stated in a while. Most people whose do not have access to banks, lived in an area far away from cities and modern civilization, and they are cut out from the rest of the world.

Centra provide a number of solution for the problem above. They have make an initiative to came up with an innovative product that helps the targeted people from the issues of banking. It does not only targets people who does not have a means of banking but also people who does have a bank account. The idea is that their product will be more better in terms of qualityserviceand low fees. People have many problems with most banks, that they had been charged more than they should and that they way that the bank works can be improved.

There are 5 solution that Centra Tech propose that will benefit their customers:

  • Taking advantage of Centra Card, that they offer, to spend cryptocurrencies
  • cBay Marketplace, for users to buy and sell daily goods using Blockchain assets
  • CTR Token, are utility based token used in Centra and are interchangeably used with the Centra wallet.
  • Centra Wallet, to store numbers of Blockchain assets, which include Bitcoin, Ethereum and others
  • Currency Conversion Engine, which help in conversion between currencies , and an Exchange Platform, for trading particular currencies

Token Sale

Symbol : CTR

Start Date : SEPTEMBER 19, 2017, 12:00AM EST

End Date : OCTOBER 5, 2017, 12:00AM EST

Duration : 16 days

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