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Bezop is a distributed distributed online business that regulates administrative and preparatory arrangements triggered by ingenious contracts, independent buyer lender insurance benefits and a direct betting accumulation framework based on a decentralized blocking arrangement. Anyone can offer goods and benefits and get paid bezop without programming. Bezop actualizes a new proof of demand that lowers the erroneous rate for traders and customers who make use of carefully constructed contracts controlled by the ethereum blockade and are cryptographically guaranteed. Bezop intends to provide open source and finish answers to maintain a useful web-based business on the web.

What it does

Bezop is a complete solution for running a successful online e-commerce business for new and experienced users.

Anyone can sell their products and services and get paid in bezop without any programming.

Bezop implements a novel Proof of order that lowers the level of fraud for both traders and clients who use contracts with elegant designs supported by the ethereum blockade and are cryptographically guaranteed. Merchants can collect and manage orders appropriately.


Your Bezop account wallet will be able to store and store the standard Ethereum ERC20 tokens. integration will allow you to convert between tokens seamlessly directly from your Bezop account. Convert Bezops between standard token of ShapeShift supported ERC20 or buy Bezops directly with other ERC20 tokens. The Bezop account is now live and its wallet will be launched Q1 2018.

Complete Transparency

All future development plans and enhancements will be made through the community. Bezop also plans to open all projects by 2018.

Think of Bezop as the first block-driven e-commerce system where users have unlimited access to their payment and storage processors.

Fund Distribution

All the funds raised will go straight into the development of the bezop, funding the team and expanding.

55% of all funds raised will go straight into developing and expanding the team behind Bezop. 10% of the funds will then go legal to ensure Bezop comply with all countries. 5% will go into technology upgrades like server upgrades, buy SSL EV certificates and more. The other 10% will go to Bezop marketing to gain awareness about the platform and get more users. 10% will be invested into advertising and training users who want to start earning money online as a merchant.

No token bezop will be issued to any team member instead of 10% will be used to buy bezops back, see the repurchase program.

Token Distribution

Token will be distributed to all sales participants tozop bezop as follows …

65% of all evidence is available for purchase during token sales. 15% of the total stock of coins will be transferred to Bezop’s cold storage, no more than 5% will be used as a bonus during token launch and 5% bonus for future strategic partnership after the ico period.

The Bezop and Advisor teams are scheduled for 15% of the number of tokens sold but we plan to maximize the benefits to the community, MORE TEAM MEMBERS WILL ACCEPT THERE TOKEN AFTER 6 MONTHS ICO , we will also launch “buyback” exchange programs with BTC (see under). This will greatly reduce the probability of a one-day exchange of dumps occurring in the most recent token entering the market.

Purchase Program

Instead of removing Bezops team members during the ICO period, all members and advisors must wait for 180 days to receive any tokens. We also plan to launch a buyback program on the exchange. In this way, Bezops will be repurchased with BTC by interested team members.

As many as 10% of all outstanding BEZOP will be repurchased during the first 24 hours it is hitting the exchange to help BEZOP enter a bullish trend.

Easy, Fast Integration

Bezop Network will allow many developers easy access to sell existing software and skills using blockchain with Copy and Paste “Easy Integration”.

For each sale we will send the IPN to any secure url. where the user specifies; We will also parse our product names and id, tags and emails.

Any payments that enter through the platform will follow the standard protocol.


Token: Bezop

Abbreviation: BEZ

Platform: Ethereal

Accept: ETH

1 ETH = 1500–1929 BEZ

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