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The Problem with the Crypto-Gambling Market
Online gambling is a 46 billion market in 2016, and has every chance to grow to $ 58 billion by 2018. Currently, less than 5% of this support is the crypto currency market as a payment. Crypto currency is not ready to take on the fiat currency rates because they allow micro-payments (up to 0.
001 BTC for a bid compared to 1 pair EUR / USD for a bet on traditional casinos). They also allow players to bypass high credit card rates and bank transfers, which leads to greater savings. Large players such as Pinnacle Casino bet365 in the casino accept only a fiat currency. Even in crypto-casinos, such as satoshidice.
com and etherroll. AI, many of them do not have a valid gaming license, which will pose a problem for players and operators alike as games of a highly regulated industry. Within the limits of small group the licensed online casino which accepts криптоалют,
most of them only accept only bitcoins and other crypto currency can not be used on their platform.
About Betstreak is one of the few licensed Bitcoin casinos, launched in 2016 August, and has since grown to become the most reliable and one of the most popular gambling bitcoin sites with more than 3,500,000 euros and 1,500 BTC rates and earned for a profit of 2150 BTC. We accept miscellaneous currencies, such as the euro, the US dollar, the Chinese Yuan,
and Bitcoins, and all our games with licensed suppliers. We are listed as top Askgamblers’ 10 casinos, with a high score of 9.23 / 10 with many reliable reviews and satisfied customers. We are also listed in many review and partner sites such as GPWA, Latestcasinobonuses, etc. Currently,
We have 8000 registered players, more players join every day. We want to develop a new platform for accepting various types of crypto currency so that players can win back various crypto currency on one platform. We want to make and crypto gaming grow even more,
and invite you to be a part of it and share the success.

Our offer
Betstreak.Co is the first licensed Blockbuster casino that seeks to address these issues, currently we have a valid license from Curaçao (https: // validator.
co) and we currently accept bitcoins and fiat money for all of our RNG games * and games with a live dealer. ** Casino with gaming license are important because they allow players to have a piece of mind during the game and still be within the of the law. Unlicensed casinos are exposed to scammers, raids by the authorities and will be forced to close,
forcing players to lose their depositsur offers.
We will develop online wallet payments to allow players who occupy the top 10 crypto tokens by market capitalization, so that players can use other crypto currencies other than bitcoins to play in an online casino license unlike other Icos,
players can already play on our cooperation, and we strive to solve the problems of accepting other crypto-currencies at the home of an online payment platform for the reception and integration of the top 10 crypto currency.

Why should you invest?

Betstreak is one of the most famous Bitcoin-based gambling sites and has been the most profitable rate since 2150 bitcoin and profit in the past is only 1 year. This popularity and profit was only from four game providers with very little marketing. We want to attract investment,
so that we can develop more products, including our own crypto currency payment platform and include more gaming providers, and also includes Bitcoin bookmaker and poker platforms with your help we can sell each of these products to grow’sleading crypto gambling appointments.

Road map:

Our partners


Betstreak.Co will create 200,000,000 black 20 tokens (Betstreak tokens or BLS) to represent 100% No new tokens will be created.
Early supporters of the bonus: the first sponsors will be able to get a larger percentage of shares from the crowd-selling means that they will receive more coins than they previously contribute.
Marker sold structure: pre-sale: 30% bonus — 1300 BST week 1 = 20% bonus — 1200 BST week 2 = 10% bonus — 1100 BST 3 weeks = 5% bonus — 1050 BST week 4 = 0% bonus — 1000 BEST spread : The IKO begins on October 1, 2017 at 0:00 GMT +8 and ends on November 1, 2017 at 0:00 GMT +8.
Note: ICO may end sooner if we hit the cover early after the PPI is over, 120,000,000 BLS will be distributed proportionally to all participants, depending on the contribution of the tranches in 2 weeks. Accepted Currency: BTC.ETH.LTC.

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