Authoreon is decentralizing authorization, authentication, verification & certification and thus securing previously unsecure instances and functions. The Authoreon solutions prevent fraud, cyber attacks, material and immaterial identity theft, and they provide an all-over traceability to supply and ownership chains.


With cyber attacks, password breaches, identity theft and document fraud on the rise, it becomes very obvious that the current online safety measures are not sufficient.

In addition we face increased national security concerns — often in conflict with privacy & data protection regulations, as well as major challenges in IOT security, copyright & intellectual property protection, and reputation management.

Furthermore, increased quality awareness calls for a traceable product identity and history in the supply chain and ownership chain.

The failure to secure data, to verify identity and to grant access only to authorized instances is causing billions of dollars in damage each year, while the most valuable asset at risk is trust.

Authoreon is solving these problems by decentralizing authorization, authentication, verification and certification.


The overall Authoreon platform architecture involves several components that leverage the properties and characteristics of blockchain technology, cryptography, artificial intelligence (AI) and substitution algorithms to provide maximum security, authorization and traceability.

We achieve this by creating two additional separate overlay protocols on top of the blockchain: the synapse and the access lock layers.

This 3-layer architecture secures ownership and decentralizes authorization through use-case-specific smart contracts in combination with the interplanetary database (IPDB) and the interplanetary file system (IPFS).

All Authoreon platform transactions will be fueled by an application-specific token, the Autheon (AUTH).


Authoreon is based on Ethereum, a public, open-source, censorship-resistant and innovative blockchain protocol and distributed computing platform, that provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine (the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)) enabling the execution of smart contracts.

In general, a blockchain is a distributed database that enables a digital ledger of assets and transactions, which are shared among a distributed network of users, and are thus tamperproof.

Utilizing advanced cryptography, a blockchain enables each participant on the network to interact securely with the digital ledger and without the need for a central authority. Since each participant in the network holds a copy of the blockchain and all former transactions are constantly revalidated before an addition can be made, it is extremely difficult to change or remove data in the blockchain.

Whenever a participant wants to add an asset or transaction to the blockchain all other participants in the network run an evaluation algorithm to verify the transaction. If the majority of nodes agree that the transaction is valid, the asset or transaction is authorized and written to the blockchain.

The Ethereum Blockchain achieves consensus using a Proof-of-Work algorithm, which uses a hash function to create conditions under which each single participant is allowed to announce conclusions about the submitted information. The results can then be verified by all other participants in the system. A false result is excluded by the parameters of the hash function, as it will fail to compute.

Participation in the system will be incentivized by the common mining functionality.


On top of the blockchain, we developed the synapse protocol, which is an independent application layer inspired by the human brain. It is designed to further the functionality, scalability, and performance of the Authoreon platform by enabling smart authorization contracts.

Smart contracts are decentralized programs that function on defined rules created with scripting languages, which can be either integrated into the protocol or dynamically created. They facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract, or that make a contractual clause unnecessary.

Smart contracts usually also have a user interface and often emulate the logic of contractual clauses. Proponents of smart contracts claim that many kinds of contractual clauses may thus be made partially or fully self-executing, self-enforcing, or both. Smart contracts aim to provide security superior to traditional contract law and to reduce other transaction costs associated with contracting.i

The Synapse layer is responsible for storing data safely and effectively and verifying identities against the stored access authorization.

As the intermediary between the blockchain (Proof-of-work) and the access lock layer (Proof-of-Stake), the synapse protocol also generates temporary access for authorized instances.

It also keeps the blockchain light and fast by substituting the stored data — resulting in an increased performance, faster block processing times, as well as the ability to process more transactions in a single block.

Access Lock

The access lock layer acts as the gate keeper, processing incoming requests to the synapse layer and granting temporary access if the requesting instance is authorized.

For this purpose we developed the ²²-key-algorithm, providing one static key with a dynamic (temporary) key only if the other key is still valid by authorization and vice versa. Access is only granted to two dynamic keys.

This mechanism replaces the traditional two-factor authentication enabling a wide range of potential applications.

While the blockchain uses a Proof-of-Work algorithm to achieve consensus, the access lock layer will deploy a Proof-of-Stake function, which is similar to the Proof-of-Work system, however participation in the consensus-building process is restricted to parties identified as having a legitimate stake in the blockchain, e.g. individuals who own Autheon coins or customers with a lot of assets or transactions in the blockchain. Here, the hash function calculation is replaced with a simple digital signature which proves ownership of the stake.

Instead of any individual attempting to calculate a value in order to be chosen to establish a consensus point, the network itself runs a lottery to decide who will announce the results, and system participants are exclusively and automatically entered into that lottery in direct proportion to their total stake in the network.ii

Authoreon will also provide an incentive to participation in the access lock layer by enabling the ‘minting’ of coins (vs. ‘mining’ in the blockchain).

This ensures broadest possible network participation and thus the most robust network security possible.



The Authoreon solutions platform will be accessible through an easily manageable web application graphic user interface (GUI) that will be optimized for MetaMask but will run on any decentralized browser (e.g. Mist).

Mobile App

All platform functionality will be fully mirrored in a mobile app (for Android, iOS and Windows) to enable key authorization functions, mining and wallet interactions.


The platform will offer a wide range of modules, each addressing a different use case, each running a different Smart-Contract-as-a-Service (SCaaS), each with a different pricing and processing fee.

Plugins, APIs & Marketplace

By mid-2018 plugins and extensions will be available for 3rd party systems, the platform will be addressable via key-protocol-APIs for external developers and it will include a marketplace for third-party extensions.

Business Model


The Authoreon platform is designed to provide secure solutions to previously insufficient measurements. The platform is open to companies, governments, organizations and private consumers.


Since we propose solutions to different use cases, different customer groups — each with a different pain and different transaction volumes — we have an individual module-based pricing. This applies to a monthly subscription fee per module, as well as to an individual transaction fee.


Authoreon wants to eliminate unnecessary barriers to entry, while still providing market support for the Autheon Token. So the conversion to Autheon tokens will run as a background process — making the platform currency agnostic and enabling consumers to use major Fiat and Crypto currencies as a form of payment.

Go To Market

The Authoreon team is already in talks with government officials from several nations to conduct pilots in data retention, as well as with representatives of large corporations to test our supply chain and tracebility solutions.

We also plan to bring Authoreon to mainstream market and mass adoption by creating awareness and directly addressing the consumer, who is most negatively affected by fraud and cyber-attacks.

After the successful launch with paying customers from all segments, Authoreon will expand aggressively with the help of our network of country managers, partners, advisors, customers and employees.

Authoreon will also issue publicly verifiable badges and certificates proving the authenticity of authorization claims, which will also result in high visibility and network effects.

Token & Crowdsale


Authoreon aims to be at the forefront of authorization platforms in the blockchain. For this purpose Authoreon is proposing this Initial Coin Offering (Crowdsale). Participants send funds to an Ethereum Smart Contract. The Smart Contract mints tokens instantly and sends to user’s online account. These are available for withdrawal upon the close of the crowdsale. Once completed (total duration or maximum tokens issued) the Ethereum funds are then transferred to a Coinbase multi-sig escrow wallet.

You can view and download the full Crowdsale Terms & Conditions here.

Why a crowdsale?

For the Authoreon platform to be truly decentralized, a large group of supporters is required. Traditional investors — as a small group — would gain control of the network and they would ultimately act in their best interest, and not in the best interest of the users and the community. So we came to the conclusion that only a blockchain-driven crowdsale utilizing an Ethereum ERC20 token can provide the required amounts and quality of funds to achieve our vision with this truly decentralized network and provide enough fuel for the platform to run.


The Authoreon ICO is targeting fund raising from a minimum of $500.000 to a maximum of $34,000,000 USD due to development, current cash flow and scalable marketing needs. 1 Autheon token (AUTH) will be available for ETH 0.00133333. Contributions are accepted in ETH only at this point. Bonuses of 25% to 5% in Autheon tokens are offered to early contributors.

Token Fact Sheet Token Name


Token Symbol


Utility of Token

Autheon tokens are used to access certain functionalities of the platform including registering a new asset, transferring an asset, and a variety of other authorization features. The Autheon Token does not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights.

Payments Accepted

ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH / Paypal (with Escrow)

Total Token Supply

1,000,000,000 (1 billion)

Hard Cap on Crowdsale

$ 34.000.000

Price per Autheon

ETH 0.00133333 (see current price in $) — Discounts available

Smart Contract Address

Published here

Token Usage

Received funds will aid in the final development of the platform, conducting pilot studies, and expenses related to bringing to market and maintaining.

Autheon tokens are convenient, efficient and economical forms of payment for services provided on the Authoreon platforms and are not securities to be used for speculative trading purposes. There is no public market for the Autheon coin token and there is no guarantee on the future value of the Autheon coin token. The possibility exists that the Autheon coin token could be worth nothing.

Ownership of AUTH carries no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use AUTH as a means to obtain Services, and to enable usage of and interaction with the Platform, if successfully completed and deployed. In particular, you understand and accept that AUTH do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share or security or equivalent rights, or any right to receive future revenue shares, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to the Platform, and/or Company and its corporate affiliates, other than rights relating to the receipt of Services and use of the Platform, subject to limitations and conditions in these Terms and applicable Platform Terms and Policies (as defined below). AUTH are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument.


Maximum cap on crowdsale: $34 million

Total Token supply: 1 billion (1,000,000,000) AUTH

• 1% Pre-Sale to cover crowdsale costs

• 33% are sold in the ICO

• 33% are allocated to incentivize participation

• 33% are retained by Authoreon

Ethereum ERC20 Token

Purchase methods accepted:



Escrow is a strong insurance, that funds attracted via a Crowdsale are correctly used according to the initial agreements. For this purpose, Authoreon will accept ETH via escrow. All funds raised in the ICO are sent to the specified escrow services for safe-keeping and distribution based on the milestone-release conditions below. Undistributed coins will be returned to the contributors in the event of failure to meet the minimum target or insolvency.

Escrow Agents

Authoreon has selected all crowdsale participants (= external Token holders) as their escrow agents for the Crowdsale. A smart contract will handle the voting.

Storage of Crowdsale funds

ETH will be stored in a Coinbase multi-sig wallet.

Address: TBA after the ICO.

Release of Crowdsale funds

After the ICO has ended on Oct 14th, 2017, the attracted funds will be released to the multi-sig wallet. For calculation purposes, all non-USD currencies will be converted into USD at the relevant exchange rates at the moment of their collection. The funds will be released based on achieved milestones. If a milestone was achieved, will be decided in a public vote among all external Token holders; only after one milestone is completed, the token holders are asked for approval and for the release of funds for the next milestone. The Authoreon team tokens are restricted from voting.

Milestone 1

Complete Synapse & Access Lock Layers

Milestone 2

Complete Platform & GUI

Milestone 3

Complete Data Retention App

Milestone 4

Complete Marketplace & Mobile App

Milestone 5

Complete Identity Theft & Document Fraud Prevention Apps

Milestone 6

Build User Authentication App

Milestone 7

Build Supply Chain & Traceability Apps

Milestone 8

Build IOT Security App

Milestone 9

Build Cyber Security App

Milestone 10

Build Copyright & Intellectual Property Protection Apps

Milestone 11

Build Reputation Management App

Post-Crowdfund Trading

We will ensure that Autheon is tradable on major exchanges. While we cannot guarantee substantial liquidity levels of the Autheon Token until the platform is fully deployed, we will make every effort to enable the growth of the liquidity market right from the start.


Our goal is high levels of liquidity on the Autheon Token (AUTH) market. This is achieved through the laws of supply & demand. Through subscription and transaction fees for each of our services we gain more market share, the demand for AUTH increases thus creating buy-side liquidity.


Distributed coins have the following restrictions.

Crowdsale Coins:

No restrictions for crowdsale participants.

Angel Coins:

All of our five angel investors have committed to not sell off their coins and to hold the vast majority of them for the long-term benefit.

Founder Coins:

The Founders are restricted from selling any of their founder coins for six months starting with the beginning of the crowdsale. Afterwards the coins will be vested at a rate of 5% monthly for 20 months.


Mission & Vision

Our five year goal is to be at the forefront of securing authorization, authentication, verification and certification in the blockchain, with users and customers all over the world, securing thousands of assets and transactions per day — for private users, corporations, governments and organizations.

We envision numerous SCaaS modules to serve a wide range of use cases, and a high adoption rate due to the platforms’ usability as well as the fact that Authoreon will be owned by the crowd!




WHITEPAPER :;u=1166937

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