Authoreon is Safest and Securest

Authoreon is decentralized blockchain platform. Authoreon authorize, authenticate, verify & certifies the block chain transactions. This prevents so many existing issues that we have with block chain and other ecommerce platforms, some of these issues are cyber-attacks, identity theft, password breaches, frauds, fraud documentation, etc.

Ethereum’s smart contracts are the backbone of Authoreon platform. Authoreon provide best Authorization & Authentication features to its user to offer them highly secure blockchain-technology solution. Authoreon uses decentralized EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and provide functionality of smart and security rich contracts to its users. Authoreon keeps the data completely confidential and secure. Authoreon platform prevents frauds, password breaches, identities theft, fraud documentation, cyber-attacks.

Some of the Major Advantages of Authoreon Blockchain Technology: –

1 . It solves issue of Privacy Conflicts

Authoreon Blockchain technology resolves Privacy Conflicts by confirmation of transaction, dissolution transaction, authentication of request and official’s permission and finally by verification and by provide security certificate it brings security level to new hights.

2 . It offers Ideal market place to its users

With increasing threats of cyber-attacks, password breaches & identities thefts Today’s marketplace require highly secure feature. Authoreon provides high degree of and resistance to all above mentioned issues. This make Authoreon ideal marketplace to user by providing best products and services which are backed by highly secure and safe smart contracts.

3 . Safe and Secure Transaction.

As we know Authoreon offers decentralized blockchain platform which offers effective security management system and best security to its users. On top of it Authoreon authorize, authenticate, verify & certifies the block chain transactions which prevents unauthorized person or hackers to access to harm its users.

4 . With Authoreon it is easy to Recover and Backup data

Authoreon provides best Recovery and Backup feature of data. Authoreon offer the Access-Lock Layer as the gate keeper. Athoreon uses ²²-key-algoritum. This Alog. provides one static & dynamic key options. This offers easy to Recover and Backup of data. This algorithm is far better than two-factor authentication.

Authoreon platform provides secure platform to traditional inefficient methods. The solution is best suitable to private organizations, government institutions, investors & traders and for other private customers too.

Authoreon platform will eliminate unnecessary market barriers by issuing Autheon Token. Conversion of other cryptocurrency to Autheon token’ll run in backend. This process makes Authoreon platform independent of currency which enables customers to use other major giant Crypto-currencies as a payment medium.


Authoreon is going to issue publicly verifiable transactions & going to provide certificates for the authenticity & authorization of transactions.

The Authoreon ICO is going to raise fund from $500.000 -$34,000,000 USD for the future development, for the cash flow & for the required marketing needs.

1 Autheon token (AUTH) = ETH 0.00133333.

Initial contributors will get Bonuses of 25% — 5% in form of Autheon tokens.

Token Sale is Already live


So everyone who ever is Crypto Lover like me, be ready to make maximum out of this upcoming opportunity.

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